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Looks like we're getting FOX-HD

Though it doesn't show up on Zap2it yet, and my HD-DVR says "Temporarily not available" for it (but it is saying that for all the 'basic' HD channels)....OTOH, when I tune to it on the HD is bring up HBO-HD instead.

The HD-DVR, on the other hand, is saying that I'm not subscribed when I tune to HBO-HD...but I am subscribed, because it works on the HD Converter (I'm subscribed to 3 out of 4 of the premiums...only because of the pricing was the same price to get 3, as it would be to get just Showtime. Though I'm still questioning the move, since the only reason I got Showtime....was for "Dead Like Me"....though I later did watch some of "Huff". But, now I'm just paying for it....)

Can't say that it (FOX-HD) shows up on the Cox says it is part of the HD lineup (but then adds a disclaimer that not all channels are available in all areas). And, asking the site to show the actual TV listings for my is using Zap2It as the provider.

I was just thinking that I it was going to suck with out Fox in HD....even though at my old location, it was only OTA...but having just watched the season premiere of is harder than I expected to not be watching it in HD.

Oh well...for some reason I'm really tired already..... :yawn:

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Cox has a strange idea on customer service.

I did it again....I believed the customer service person. :oops:

Every time in the past that I've called, and they would say that they needed to do something and would call me back. The never do.

So, when I called about my HD DVR, the person said he would call me back in 15 minutes.

Well, 90 minutes have gone by...and I don't think I'll ever hear back from Cox. :no:

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Got a DCT-6412 from Cox

Well, I managed to get a person on the phone at FedEx and eventually convinced the person to move me up the chain to get the delivery matter properly resolved.

Interesting that delivery status/exception gives "Topeka, KS" as location, but after getting the delivery to happen....they show the successful delivery in "Manhattan, KS". Kind of a big difference there.

Anyways, it was the HD DVR that I ordered from Cox. Interesting that having it delivered, really does mean having it delivered....

Hooked it up, and that's about it. It won't let me watch anything above basic services, even though I'm paying for almost everything. No guide data, etc. either. Hopefully, its just because I received the box sooner than they said I was scheduled to receive it.

The other cable box seems to work fine, and all I did was hook this box to the unused output of the 4-way splitter that is on my end of the service.

Though maybe I wonder if I should check the cable box....not like I've looked at its menus since I hooked it up to my ReplayTV.... |-| Okay, there is data on that box....

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I might be a little bit angry right now!


I canceled my plans for today, and have been waiting at home for a FedEx delivery all day.

I have a Yahoo! Widget monitoring its progress, when it updated to show an exception.

It cames an attempt was made at 3:03pm (about 15 minutes ago)....but I've been here the whole time.

There is no attempt notice outside.

And the stupid voice menu at FedEx won't let just talk to somebody, have to guess the right command to get a person.

I just checked, and my door bell is working fine too.

I doubt the fact that it has been raining most of the day or that today is the first K-State Football game couldn't possibly have anything bearing in why no actual delivery was attempted :??:

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Oops, that was fast.

I had started the quest to research what cordless phone I would get to replace my current 5.8Ghz one, since it doesn't get along with the Amphony 1520.

I had kind of narrowed it down to a 2.4Ghz phone that I had come across on eBay, a Uniden DCT646-3. Well, I bought it. )-o

At first I was questing for a 900MHz phone...but there doesn't seem to be much (or any) in the way of *NEW* digital (DSS) 900Mhz phones. Making it even harder to find one with the features that I would want. Namely handset speaker phone, multi-handset capable or included, VMWI, CID.

I know that 2.4GHz and WiFi don't get along...but consensus is that WiFi doesn't prevent a 2.4Ghz phone from working and the 2.4GHz phone only causes performance degradation to the WiFi. And, in the congested 2.4GHz that is life in a condo, near apartments, near a major is kind of something I'm stuck with. Plus it is still my plan at some point to replace the bridge portion of my WiFi network with something else.

Like the phone demarc is in the room where the DSL modem is, and the condo is wired with maybe I'll put the DSL modem directly on the incoming line? And, use the condo's CAT5 for networking. Though my Living Room is laid out wrong for this to really work right now...and no plans to move the main computer to the other bedroom. But, if I did move the computer, than it could be a definite possibility. Or the condo's CAT5 would only link the Living Room to the 'computer' room. And, I would keep WiFi for the stuff in the LivingRoom. On the basis that they are close enough to I still want WiFi for my DPH-540 and my laptop(s).

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Amphony 1520 vs Cordless Phone

Well, rethinking things....short term I have decided that the Amphony 1520 wins...and done away with my cordless phone. It only inconveniences me when I need to make an outgoing call....and I...well, I don't like incoming calls :lalala:

I'm in the process of revamping my VoIP setup anyways (probably gonna drop Vonage and/or Lingo)...and it is the cordless setup that is on Vonage. And, at the moment...nothing on Lingo. Difference is that Lingo has 785 area code (but not Manhattan), while Vonage doesn't have the area code at all. The current BroadVoice is via the D-Link DPH-540, so that's 'cordless'. Though the battery life is poor and it doesn't use a cradle charger. I might replace one or both of the ATA VoIPs with a BroadVoice ATA...

Though how to distribute phone service around my condo is the new issue. There is distribute a bunch of different VoIP ATAs around the place...and use SimulRing to make it all seem like one. But, that is probably just too crazy :crazy:

OTOH, maybe I don't need multiple handset cordless that my main computer is in the living room. Its just that the ATA is part of my HT rack setup, so I need cordless to reach over to the computer..... :??:

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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