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Spammers and Telemarketters....

...are getting more annoying....

For months I'd get these spam messages that alledged I visited their website and requested the information that I'm getting....but you could tell from the incorrect information contained (and the bogus IP) that it was still spam.

Though I guess I didn't realize that it was bot spam....they could be legit sites, but somebody is filling out their forms with my information to get them to send me spam.

Now some of these websites claim that they are calling me, because I filled out a form on their website asking them to harrass me. :##

They are complaining that they have resorted to calling me, because the address and email address that I alledgely provided to request information is incorrect.

I sure hope the FTC and its DoNotCall list will accept the complaint and make these dumb companies wise up that being a victim doesn't give them the right to victimize me. :>

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Today, I noticed that I could've/should've ordered this battery last Monday.

On Monday there was another momentary drop in power...and everything connected to my CPS700AVR rebooted. Guess it is time to replace the battery in this I went to see what kind of battery it needed, etc.

It shows as an SLA-12V7-F2, so I ordered one from my usual favourite vendor of BatteryMart - $11.95. While I was there, I decided to order batteries for the other dead UPS (thinking that I'd later move some stuff over to it to help improve runtime)....that one calls for 2 SLA-HC1225W's...though I've been ordering the SLA-HC1228W's, which are the same size but higher capacity.

Didn't occur to me that there might be an equivalent for the CPS700AVR, but today I found that there's a 9AH equivalent to the original 7.5AH.

Oh well, I guess I'll put it down on the list for the next time I replace the battery in the CPS700AVR.

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