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Amphony 1520 vs Cordless Phone


  09:25:34 am, by The Dreamer   , 215 words  
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Amphony 1520 vs Cordless Phone

Well, rethinking things....short term I have decided that the Amphony 1520 wins...and done away with my cordless phone. It only inconveniences me when I need to make an outgoing call....and I...well, I don't like incoming calls :lalala:

I'm in the process of revamping my VoIP setup anyways (probably gonna drop Vonage and/or Lingo)...and it is the cordless setup that is on Vonage. And, at the moment...nothing on Lingo. Difference is that Lingo has 785 area code (but not Manhattan), while Vonage doesn't have the area code at all. The current BroadVoice is via the D-Link DPH-540, so that's 'cordless'. Though the battery life is poor and it doesn't use a cradle charger. I might replace one or both of the ATA VoIPs with a BroadVoice ATA...

Though how to distribute phone service around my condo is the new issue. There is distribute a bunch of different VoIP ATAs around the place...and use SimulRing to make it all seem like one. But, that is probably just too crazy :crazy:

OTOH, maybe I don't need multiple handset cordless anymore...now that my main computer is in the living room. Its just that the ATA is part of my HT rack setup, so I need cordless to reach over to the computer..... :??:


Comment from: Michael Herbert [Visitor]
Michael Herbert

How is the amphony 1520 working for you. Can’t find many reviews of it and am interested in such a solution.

09/09/06 @ 20:51
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

So far it hasn’t been working all that great….I thought about leaving the transmitter on all the time, to see if my neighbors will get annoyed and stop running their stuff on 5.8GHz.

Except its wall wart gets really hot, and I’m worried that I might not having anything to come home to.

I might have to track down my remote controlled AC outlet, so that I can turn the receiver on and off from the sofa…so that my surrounds are only on when I’m using them.

That way the loud pops and crackles only interrupt me when I’m trying to enjoy my system…and not in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep.

09/15/06 @ 09:40
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