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ARGH!!! Hotels Suck!


  04:00:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 645 words  
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ARGH!!! Hotels Suck!


At least the last two hotels that I've stayed at do.

Last month, I stayed at the Ramada Innn in Manhattan, KS. Where early in the morning there was a power outage, and the clock was blinking afterwards. If it weren't for the fact that it was a noisy building, that suddenly became very quiet, I wouldn't have known and could easily have missed waking up in time for my job interview. >:-(

This time around, I'm at the Holiday Inn in Manhattan, KS. Where some time during the night there was a power outage, and just now I noticed the clock blinking. This building is a quiet building, so I didn't notice it. I have no idea what prompted me to get up and glance at the clock, but it was a good thing that it happened. Because the actual time was about 15 minutes before I had set the alarm to wake me. So, I can catch my early morning flight back home. :##

I used to carry my own clock radio w/alarm....but I had stopped, to help cut down on weight/space when traveling (and staying in hotels), especially when trying to get two nights worth of clothing into an overnight bag, and since hotels are supposed to have alarm clocks in them. The other reason is the pain of trying to guess what might be a good radio station to wake up to. But, looks like I'll have to reconsider this. :**:

Should not that both hotels used alarm clocks that could've had a 9V installed to provide backup power.... :??:

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Comment from: Kary [Visitor]

Hotels do suck. We stayed in a Red Lion when we got here, and it may have ruined me for Red Lions from now on. It was damp, (they had to have extra dryers running in the halls and basemant) and the staff was moody. *sigh*

06/24/06 @ 03:08
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