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ARGH!!! Hotels Suck!


  04:00:00 am, by The Dreamer   , 645 words  
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ARGH!!! Hotels Suck!

Meanwhile, on the subject of power outages...apparently there was one back home....the main evidence of which was that I had my VNC session reset while I was away from my laptop. And, some minor issues due to UPS protected equipment on the network....namely my home network printer seems to be missing from the network. And, I'm sure the tape drive is blinking, because I left the door open.

It was probably really short, because all the computers are still up....including the one that doesn't come back on after lossing power (and has no BIOS option to alter this behavior). But, the UPS that backs up my cable modem, router and nearby network equipment needs new batteries....since it drops almost immediately after a power interruption....the main reason I haven't done anything about it, is my impending move...the hassle of digging it out from the wires....and that it still provides some protection in doing AVR and surge.... U-(

As for after the move, I've been planning to revisit the whole UPS strategy....which'll be some combination of using different UPSs, because the economy brands seem to require battery replacement more frequently. Plus they are kind of noisy during a power outage.

I forgot which room of the new place will have the NID....might be a problem if it is the bedroom that I'm sleeping in....since I'll likely stick a UPS in there....there's an outlet right there, etc. Though I might not, since it isn't like the place is wired with CAT5....or was it? I think the quality UTP, I saw, was for the phone lines....

But, looks like more there'll be more UPSs in my future...instead of fewer. Though I guess I'll be cracking some (or all) open to see about disabling the beepers in them.

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Comment from: Kary [Visitor]

Hotels do suck. We stayed in a Red Lion when we got here, and it may have ruined me for Red Lions from now on. It was damp, (they had to have extra dryers running in the halls and basemant) and the staff was moody. *sigh*

06/24/06 @ 03:08
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