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I am never gonna fly United again!


  04:52:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 356 words  
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I am never gonna fly United again!

Link: http://www.united.com/bagtrack


I had a bad experience flying with United back in September, but apparently I didn't learn from that mistake....because I booked my holiday flight (December 19th-24th) on United again.

This time they misplaced my bag somewhere in Denver, as I flew home from Calgary to Kansas City....

I checked several times on the status on December 25th....when they finally reported it as found and that it would be delivered....with a delivery date of December 25th and a time of 12:00am-12:00am.

I called at 7:21am this morning, to see when it would get delivered. They said that they show it in Kansas City and that the delivery company picks up at 8am, so to call back at 9am if I don't get an update on its delivery status.

I called back at 10:06am, to get the status....after going through the automated system, it disconnected me. So, I called again at 10:09am. The agent says its showing as in Kansas City, but no delivery information is available. And, nobody there is answering their phones so they can't tell me anything more. But that they would send a priority message asking for status and to maybe call back later.

I called back at 4:08pm.....and 4:12pm....and 4:16pm....and then try customer relations line (another automated phone system) 3 times....each time with them finding some new creative way for the automated system to dump me off the line. Finally, I call the baggage line again...but this time I stay silent waiting for it to pass me to an agent....

This lands me on hold for an indeterminate amount of time.....but once again, the agent says that my bag is in Kansas City, but no delivery information has been entered. And, nobody there is answering the phone. So, I should call back in 3-4 hours to see if any progress has been made. I explain that this is one of those 'later' calls, but she won't help me further....and this time instead of ending the call by asking if there is anything else she can help me with, its just good bye.


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