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I have too many VoIP....


  06:34:24 am, by The Dreamer   , 413 words  
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I have too many VoIP....

I think I now have too many different VoIP services at home. But, I really don't know which one to nix....except possibly for the obvious fact that one of them is currently only supporting my fax machine.

Except that I currently have no fax machine set up, and I'm questioning if I'll ever have cause to set one up again.

The only 'issue' is that the company provides a service that I would like to make use of someday....'distinctive ring'. Though it is the kind of thing that would allow me to share a fax machine with a 'voice' number :roll:

It also offers Western Europe as part of my 500 minutes per month. Something they no longer offer in that plan, though my cousin plans to move from the UK back to the US....so I don't really need the feature that much, and I never did use it that much before.

The reason I can't go the other way and ditch the other service, is that I want to keep the number...but it was assigned to me by the VoIP provider...so it isn't portable. :..(

While the 'fax' number was ported to the VoIP provider, I don't really have a need to keep it...since my ear doesn't understand fax, and maybe it is time that some unsuspecting sap experience junk fax. Which is pretty much all I get on the line (other than DNC violators or exempts that thing talking to a machine will get a person....when the sole purpose of the line was to only host a machine :crazy: )

Hmmmm.... :**:

Oh yeah...one of the other rationalizations for keeping the old 'voice' number. Is that when I did all my change of addresses...and there were like a hundred of them..... Well, I didn't have a new number to give yet. Though I guess I do have to go back and slowly update a number of the important ones.... Though there are others that may not get updated for years....

There are a few people that call my fax line thinking that's still my voice number....because that's what it was 9 years ago when I got the number for Ameritech.

Actually, I think it is only now that I may actually receive phone calls that are actually important now. Though now my non-landline free existence is because I currently have DSL. But, that may change once my 1 year contract is up....unless things improve dramatically. &#59;D

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