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I'm in a firefox world, eh


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I'm in a firefox world, eh

In the beginning, I was a Netscape user (there were other browers and such before Netscape...) And, I couldn't be an IE person....because I didn't own my first Windows PC until a couple years after Internet access became mainstream.... 1998!

But, finally a few years ago, I finally relented and made the switch to IE. In part because I got tired of paying for a personal USENET subscription for the benefit of my employer (who had cancelled their subscription a few years earlier). Plus dejanews was gaining ground as a viable alternative to keep active on USENET without an NNTP feed and reader. Though it hasn't been quite the same since Google took it over....

And, it was getting harder to sell customers on that it worked in Netscape...so it not working in IE wasn't a problem with our software, but with IE. So, now the software works in IE, but not Firefox (though it is tested for Safari for the Mac users...and nobody uses Unix/Linux for desktops, eh? :p )

But, then Firefox came along, and I jumped over....because I never really liked IE...though the experience in making the switch basically made it easier to switch back. Namely the whole issue of bookmarks (except for what will fit on as quicklinks, I don't use browser based bookmarks anymore...host my main bookmarks on a website now...though with the extra of scraping the page down once in a while, so I won't be without my bookmarks when the site in inaccessible).

I plan to stay with Firefox for the next forseeable future.... B-)

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