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Looking for another Manhattan, KS VoIP Provider


  08:36:05 am, by The Dreamer   , 338 words  
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Looking for another Manhattan, KS VoIP Provider

Link: http://www.voipreview.org/

I'm debating whether to get another account with Broadvoice or go with a different VoIP provider for a second VoIP line at home.

The problem is trying to track down the multitude of VoIP providers and figure out which ones offer Manhattan, KS local numbers.

That's when I came across http://www.voipreview.org, it attempts to filter the many providers it knows about down areacode initially. But drilling in further it can filter down to city.

And, then there are lots of options on the kinds of features you want from them. Like BYOD. Which I haven't decided on...though it becomes a question on whether I want my BroadVoice number to be my 'home' number or 'wifi' number.

Though one of the services claims to do Fax to Email. 88| But, not sure I really need such a service. I haven't set up my fax machine since the move (no where to put it...connect it...) and haven't really been missing it. |-|

But, if I go with that company...then it should probably be my 'home' number...in which case it doesn't really matter if it is BYOD or not. Except for the lower activation cost.

Though it'll be the difference of using an adapter that was locked to a different provider, which is now unlocked (but could relock itself should it go through a factory reset)...or to get the *same* adapter locked to the new provider.

Since both offer the variety of simulring/call-forwarding options....it isn't like I could miss a call by having given out the wrong number.

And, there's always the NetZero voicemail account to resolve the issue of voicemail should handle my messages... &#59;)

I suppose it might be safe to say that I've pretty much decided which provider will be my other number....I just haven't decided which will be which....

The main thing is that I've already been giving out my Broadvoice number as my new 'home' number. So, maybe I guess that also has answered that question....or not. :??:

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