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Looks like we're getting FOX-HD


  09:18:56 pm, by The Dreamer   , 248 words  
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Looks like we're getting FOX-HD

Though it doesn't show up on Zap2it yet, and my HD-DVR says "Temporarily not available" for it (but it is saying that for all the 'basic' HD channels)....OTOH, when I tune to it on the HD Converter...it is bring up HBO-HD instead.

The HD-DVR, on the other hand, is saying that I'm not subscribed when I tune to HBO-HD...but I am subscribed, because it works on the HD Converter (I'm subscribed to 3 out of 4 of the premiums...only because of the pricing bundles....it was the same price to get 3, as it would be to get just Showtime. Though I'm still questioning the move, since the only reason I got Showtime....was for "Dead Like Me"....though I later did watch some of "Huff". But, now I'm just paying for it....)

Can't say that it (FOX-HD) shows up on the Cox site....it says it is part of the HD lineup (but then adds a disclaimer that not all channels are available in all areas). And, asking the site to show the actual TV listings for my area...it is using Zap2It as the provider.

I was just thinking that I it was going to suck with out Fox in HD....even though at my old location, it was only OTA...but having just watched the season premiere of Bones....it is harder than I expected to not be watching it in HD.

Oh well...for some reason I'm really tired already..... :yawn:

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