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My ThinkGeek Order


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My ThinkGeek Order

Well, no real surprise as to what would be inside the box from ThinkGeek. :.

There were 4 tins.... Penguin Cinnamons

There was an LED Lantern, which for some reason seemed bigger than I expected. Though looking at the site, it seems right now. Not sure where I'll use it....it'll be part of my collection of emergency lighting....though not sure if it will be for home or work.

Finally, there was the Amphony Model 1520.

It took a very long time to get to setting it up, because I got distracted looking for my side cutters...which I never did find >:-( I tried my teeth, but that just really hurt. And, so I had to use some other wire cutters. It was still a pain to strip, because the short little pieces had extremely elastic coating on the wires. But, I got it done and that end hooked up.

Then I proceeded to work on the receiver end. I had the speakers in place for things, but where did the speaker wire for this side go? >:( Eventually, I found them and cut some pieces....both are equal length...but for layout one is barely long enough and the other piece is overkill. Of course, it means direct wiring the surrounds is no longer an option for me.

Well, powered up the receiver....instantly a loud pop, though my speakers were going to blow up...and the kept crackling afterwards....lots of digging around, but all I can get is crackling and loud pops out of things. Lots of fiddling with the transmitter and checking the cables, etc....but no surround sound, just pops and crackles.


Finally, I looked at sources of interference...well, there's only one thing, my cordless phone. And, that was it....the Amphony wireless transmitter/receiver seems to be incapable of getting along with anything else that uses the same band. I see nothing in the way of frequency adjustment so either it is fixed or just expects to be the only thing on the band. Either way, its bust.

The only advice....from the 'Amphony'...is either get rid of my phone or move it away. Well, moving it to the other end of my condo was no help, and I need my phone....

Why couldn't they make the Amphony work with other 5.8GHz. Even if I got rid of my phone, there's no way to ensure that my neighbors won't get 5.8Ghz devices and mess things up.

Good thing I didn't pay the extra $100 for the Amphony Model 1550.

I don't know what I'm going to do for rear surrounds now. :**:

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