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New SA8300HD/HLN4365W1 Discovery


  11:00:13 am, by The Dreamer   , 478 words  
Categories: Samsung HLN4365W1, Cable HD DVR, TV

New SA8300HD/HLN4365W1 Discovery

Then I wondered which would do a better job of upconverting the 480i OLN signal of the game to 720p....the TV or the DVR.

So, I went into the DVR and added 480i output to the format list and watched it jump. I noticed that when the TV settled back down, that it was showing a different aspect ratio....so I pressed the button to, for what I expected it to toggle, switch from Wide to 4:3. Instead the result looked strange....then I realized it was showing Zoom 1. So, I guess the other aspect ratio modes aren't just for the other inputs, but any 480i source....regardless of input. I never knew this before, nor thought to look for this. 88|

Then I decided to see what would happen if I selected an HD show....after the TV settled down again....it was doing the normal Wide mode of the HD output (I actually have the DVR outputting 1080i and have the TV bring this down to 720p, though that's more because that was the default of how I got the box than anything else....well, that and that most of the HD content that is available in my area is native 1080i). Then I switched back to the game, and the TV settled back to the setting I had previously. So I guess the aspect memory applies to the input type, and not just the input.

This is good to know, incase I choose to use my SA8300HD DVR for more SD viewing....which will likely be the case if there is a game 7 on Wednesday (none of the stations I get are carrying game 6 :`( )

Wonder where I'll be when I can watch my Calgary Flames in HD (again....) Should be better too, because NBC will be carrying it (rather than ABC and those :## people at Sinclair....)

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