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Oops, that was fast.


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Oops, that was fast.

Back to the phone....in my search...largely conducted on eBay for *NEW* phones under $50, having the features I wanted: multi-handset, handset speaker phone, VMWI, CID, digital (as opposed to analog)....it came down to two choices. A Panasonic KX-TG2622 and a Uniden DCT646-3. I don't need to have 3 handsets...and off hand, I don't know what I would do with the 3rd handset...though I'm sure that once I have it, I'll find a use for it. Perhaps the fact that the base is in my HT rack....so not having to get up from the futon to answer the phone, while not worrying that I left the phone out of its charger too long...which makes it hard to use the handset locator to find it &#59;D

The last few cordless phones have been Panasonics...and I've been happy with them. So, I was leaning towards another one. Though, I have heard lots of good things about the Uniden...specifically some very positive reviews that it even makes VoIP better. And, given that I am using VoIP....this went into the pro column on comparing the to. Plus the 3rd handset kept coming in as a strong and strong possibility.

The Uniden set was also cheaper than the Panasonic set. :.

Meanwhile, I also won an Unlocked PAP2 last night....because I wanted to try BroadVoice BYOD service before I commit to axing Lingo and/or Vonage. Though don't know what I'll do with the extra ATAs afterwards....don't know if I care that they are locked, I'm not much of a seller (too much work, and I already do too much work).

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