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Oops, that was fast.


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Oops, that was fast.

Then I went off to check some stuff....like if the Amphony Transmitter had turned off like it alleged it would on the absence of input signal. It hadn't. And, if its WallWart was getting warm...actually it was pretty hot. So, I moved it to the switched outlet on the back of my receiver. And, since I was back there....I decided to move the cables in anticipation of that Cable HD-DVR that I'm expecting to get from Cox next week.

It was mainly move the component/digital audio cables from the HD Converter (which is pretty much dedicated to feeding a ReplayTV) down to where the DVR would likely live (same spot where I had it when I was with Time Warner)....though there is another spot where I might put one...but that'll be for later when I decide if I'm gonna try to convince Cox to let me have either another HD Converter or another HD DVR, even though I only have one jack and one TV....

I moved the component video and digital audio cables from my component video switcher up to the HD converter, in case I should ever want to view its HD output. The switcher will probably go away, since its only purpose was to switch between the two SIR-T351's I used to have, but since I can't get OTA HDTV in my location...those two receivers have been stashed in storage.

Someday I should probably look to being an eBay seller again....

And, finally I turned the HD converter 90 degrees...so I can see its front panel from the front door (that's actually just a side benefit, the actual purpose is to help prevent IR conflicting when the HD DVR is added) :P

I wonder how hot the wallwart for the receiver side is....though can't think of a way to control it off hand....well, maybe if I cut up another power bar.... U-(

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