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Personal ReplayGuide Lives!


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Personal ReplayGuide Lives!

A few days ago, Zap2it reduced the amount of data available by DataDirect to 3 days. (they have since removed the restriction, without solving the actual issues that prompted them to do this....)

This reduction of data was kind of bad, because I've been using the extended range of data to map out the recording of the Winter Olympics (though though I'll probably limit my viewing to finals in events of interest, which I haven't decided what they are yet). Though it wasn't the end of the world, because the ReplayTVs can still get the full data from DNNA. Though I do use PRG to help catch shows that I might want to record on my HD-DVR.....)-o

The issue is the stress other people are putting on their servers. Namely the large cluster of people that do requests in the early morning (about midnight to 3am). I had long ago changed my polling to be somewhat random at later times....though since my updates are scheduled by cron. For a given day of the week, the download is done at the same time each week.

Zap2It had added an acknowledge function, which returns two times...one for which downloads are blocked 'til and one for a suggested time to hit them again. It doesn't currently impose a blocked constraint (since it returns the time of the request for 'blockedTime').

And, without resorting to a rescheduling 'at' job or something (which I'm too tired to investigate doing, now that I've thought about it :yawn:) based on 'suggestedTime'. I updated the datadirect_client.pl to require next run to be sometime on the next day after 'blockedTime' and/or 'suggestedTime'.

There's a couple lines in the script that can be commented out, so that it ignores 'suggestedTime'....I had thought about releasing it this way, but opted not to. It was more to test my changes (which kept pushing 'suggestedTime' further and further into the future....:oops:)

So, here's the file: datadirect_client.zip

Now to see about catching some zzz's :zz:

Made some additional tweaks this morning....namely to expose the status strings to my update shell script. And, to better handle the current 'faultcode' situation.

No feedback yet

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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