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Retrospect and NTBackup don't get along....


  08:27:39 am, by The Dreamer   , 378 words  
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Retrospect and NTBackup don't get along....

For quite some unknown amount of time, I've been having trouble with NTBackup...because I just have a single DLT7000 drive, it requires many tapes to do a backup...and unless I keep a close eye on keeping it fed, the backup may or may not complete if left waiting too long.

Namely, overnight. :zz:

Very annoying having to restart the whole backup from the beginning and refeed tapes that had just been backed up to the day before, etc.

Recently, I started trying to figure out what happens....finally I noticed that the Removable Storage Manager Service had stopped, and more importantly that it was stopped by something at 1:35am.

I hunted around for services that run at night, but didn't see any scheduled tasks or reference that would suggest that Diskeeper's "Set It And Forget It" would be the issue.

Finally, it occurred to me that Retrospect is also running on my system doing disk-to-disk backups....sure enough, it set to run 3-4 times a week at 1:35am.

Most weeks it is 3 times for regular backups, and 1 time every few weeks it does a recycle. Too bad Retrospect isn't smart enough to manage what storage is available to it. You'd think it having two 300GB drives and my system only being a 120GB and a 250GB drive, that it wouldn't eventually run out of space.

What what'll happen when I get off my ass and upgrade the C:(and E:) drive to something bigger...like a 500GB drive (or maybe a 750GB). Though is it the Retrospect backup that is of concern or the future of tape as a backup medium. (35-40GB per tape isn't going to be viable for much longer).

So, what I did was change which days of the week it runs on, so to minimize its conflict with when I typically do backups. Though the downside is that it runs less frequently during the period when I'm most likely to be making lots of changes to my system.

Actually, the recycle backup happens during the day when I'm at (usually) work....because it has grown where it can't complete in the time when I'm sleeping....though part of that is also because, these days, I sleep a lot less than I should. :yawn:

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