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Setting up another WRT54GS


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Setting up another WRT54GS

Now the laptop has been doing some strange things lately....namely the NAV2006 on it seems to be in need of repair. Except it keeps telling me that it doesn't support the repair option (yet it keeps trying to do it automatically :??:) and that I need to uninstall and reinstall it.

My subscription is good until sometime in February 2007, though the University has a site license that allows all students, faculty, staff to use a different antivirus package on all campus and personal computers. So, at first I thought about using this version. Except I don't yet have access to the download site. Well, I can get the current NAV...but the site license is expiring soon...and I guess Symantec doesn't feel generous to the University anymore...so the University is switching to a cheaper product next month. And, I don't have administrator access to that version, yet.

Well, things were getting bad...so I decided it was time to fix this problem. I suppose what happened is that it tried to do an automatic liveupdate during my broadband impaired period....and corrupted itself. I'm finding there is quite a lot of stuff now that just doesn't work very well if you don't have a full-time broadband connection.

Google being the worst....because so many sites have their ads, they become unusable over slow connections. They seem to be have additional performance issues lately to compound the problem....

Anyways, doing the uninstall/reinstall is a painful and, as it turned out, a very time consuming process. Aside from losing my existing NAV2006 settings, the biggest annoyance is that it clobbered other settings that had nothing to do with it. Namely it deleted all my scheduled tasks, not just the task for scheduled scans. :##

After this was all done...it was now getting late. But, I had already kind of started the upgrade. Well, I had opened the box and hooked it up. I hadn't switched my laptop from wireless to wired. Though during one of the reboots, my laptop got all confused. I had forgotten that I had added 'linksys' as a SSID for automatic configuration, and it had higher priority than my home network.... :oops:

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