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Setting up another WRT54GS


  11:42:38 pm, by The Dreamer   , 1003 words  
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Setting up another WRT54GS

The load new firmware and load settings from other WRT54GS went pretty smoothly....except that suddenly it started thinking it was the other WRT54GS, and probably messed up my home wireless network for a while. :**:

It was interesting to discover that AP mode is separate from WDS. Had to turn WDS off, inadditional to turning Wireless off. I don't need either for this router. Since I don't want to mess with the 3 points on my WDS bridge that currently work.

Somewhere along the way, I plan to get rid of the WDS bridge....but that's a future thing. )-o

Later I'll sit down and figure out which devices will use which WAN connection. The basic plan is Vonage and TBD VoIP service will use Cox, while my Lingo VoIP will use DSL. Though that's only because I can't currently hard network between the two locations in my apartment...and I currently use Vonage as my main voice service (though that'll change, as I can't get a local number through it, so I plan to get one that does and use simulring....) in my Living Room. And, Lingo is for my fax machine which I plan to set up in my 'Computer' Room. I can't think of a need to have a local number for it....since it doesn't affect my ability to send faxes. And, most of the companies that would likely need to fax me at home...are long distance already. Especially the fax spammers. Apparently, DoNotCall doesn't apply to this. (the unsubscribe phone number didn't work at first, and now it is out of service....)

The hardest part of going dual WAN...is the systems that go through my internal router. I'll want some to go through one service and some to go through another. And, should also protect against WAN hopping.

Like my ReplayTVs should stay in one place, so IVS/rddns won't get confused. But, the question is how should WiRNS fit into things. I need the box to be on the other WAN (so I can run DirectUpdate and find my DSL connection from the outside)...but should WiRNS be on the DSL, or with my ReplayTVs on Cox. And, will DVArchive have issues?

Guess I need to read up on iptables and see what creative setup to concoct.

The only thing I didn't setup on the 'new' WRT54GS, is the DSL settings (don't know them yet) and what thresholds for up/down for the QoS.

Oh well.... :yawn: .... should probably get some sleep.

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