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Meanwhile, this is the battery that my CPS1500AVR-HO wants...though 2 of them. So, perhaps someday I'll have to buy a pair of these.

Somewhere back while I was unemployed and looking to shed stuff for the move...I threw out a CPS700AVR, which was also the same case....meaning I could've just bought a new battery (for considerably less than what it cost to buy the unit)...but I thought that my new situation would be a significant step up from where I was at (rather than down) so buying a newer/better UPS was on the plan. It didn't happen though.

Though I'm wondering if I do order a new UPS....if I can get the company to leave the package on my doorstep if I'm not home. Its not like somebody is going to skip off with a 60lb package...and it would be kind of a pain to retrieve the package from any alternate delivery location. :??:

As for replacement batteries for my other UPSs....the only unknown is what kind of batteries go into my Belkin F6C1500-TW-RK. Seems nobody wants to reveal the info to a Google search, and Belkin's site doesn't reveal it either. Eventually, I'm going to need to replace its batteries.

It is interesting that the one UPS that I got cheap, that I was planning to toss when done with....has been working great since I replaced the battery several years ago...that I'll probably stay in use even the next time the battery needs replacement. Apparently, the factory batteries in these UPSs aren't as good as the aftermarket replacements. Which is strange, because I hated this brand of UPS because they were constantly letting us down at a previous job...almost immediately after the 1 year warranty lapsed.

But I got one cheap in a charity auction, and all it needed was a new battery....which I replaced...and it is like 3-4 years later, and still working fine.

You'd think a company like APC wouldn't cheap out....I know for years I was against any site using APC UPSs, because they were just over priced junk....though I guess they still are if the purchasing company doesn't factor in that they'll have to immediately buy new batteries for it.

But, recently it has been my experience that refurb'ed APCs work great....I like my SmartUPS 1250VA unit...though it wasn't a new purchase either (and I've put down what kind of batteries I'll get the next time it needs new ones....once again higher capacity after market equivalants).

Hence the thought of whether a 60lb package would walk away on its own should I ask UPS to leave the package unattended when they deliver me another one.... Though it would probably have to be a different model and possibly heavier...since refurbups doesn't seem to have that model anymore....though the slightly higher capacity models are significantly more expensive. Though it was a model that was less than 100% refurbished.....but I don't need those features.

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