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Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Headphones


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Sony MDR-NC50 Noise Canceling Headphones

For quite some time I've been using noise canceling headphones on my iPod, and I find it hard to enjoy my tunes without them. Except, that I've been wearing the on ear type...and my ears get pretty sore after a day of listening to tunes.... :..(

I've been meaning to get a pair of over ear types....though they are pretty pricy and then I learned that I was going to get laid off. So, it dropped off my radar.

But, now that I'm working again....in a nice cold basement near the door to the data center, I once again thought that I should get around to investing in a nice pair. Especially that day where they had the door propped open and fans blowing....

Then while I was catching up on my email, I spotted that Sony was changing its MySony rewards program. And, they were offering a one time coupon of $25 off...as an option to its 10:1 points conversion. I have so few points that it translates to even less cash, so $25 was a big deal. So, I lept at the chance to get it.

Sony never sent me a tracking number, so I had no idea when they arrived etc. But, I got to the UPS Store late on Saturday to find that there was a delivery slip. Being home nursing a wet living room, I decided I needed to get some air (the blowers going didn't help, though I did manage to do quite a bit of work done by remote)....and picked up the package.

I only just got around to cutting into the package (when are they going to outlaw those impossible to open packages?) and putting them on. It does quite a good job of dealing with the blowers...though I probably can't hear the clicks of people chatting on IRC....there's no escaping hearing the HOT phone's nagios alerts.

Wonder if I'm ready to start the regular trek to and from work with my iPod. And, will my iPod hold up...the battery has been kind of iffy for several months now.

I thought I heard there was a buy a mac & iPod back to school deal right now....maybe that's the next excuse. OTOH, there's the iPod Battery Settlement store credit that I need to use. Too bad the two aren't compatible. The store credit says I can't use it on purchases in the educational store. Though there's nothing that says I have to buy another iPod using the credit. :?

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