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Staying up for an early departure


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Staying up for an early departure

Back on June 19/20, I blogged that I was staying up over night because I had an early AM flight and decided to just stay up for it. :yawn:

I found it incredibly difficult to do...and after a while, I seemed to run out of stuff to do online to keep myself occupied. So, I threw in some TV watching to help pass the time.

Well, now I'm trying to do it again.... :**:

Only, I'm finding it even harder to do...because I have no cable TV yet, and no broadband. I'm alternating between using my old AT&T BusinessNet dialup account and my BB7100t as a GPRS modem.

I suppose if I had the foresight...I'd have dug at least one of my ReplayTVs out, so I could have some stored content to check out. Though I'm waiting for cable TV (and broadband) to get set up before burying things with all the equipment and nest of cables. Of course, they put the cable jack in the corner of the room, where it would be hard to get at once I get everything set up around it.

Or, I should see about connecting my Momitsu V880N...so I can watch the NetFlix DVDs that I currently have out...or stream media from my DVArchive servers....

Oh well.... )-o

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