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Upcoming 'box' upgrade


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Upcoming 'box' upgrade

According to UPS, an IBM NetVista off-lease refurb Celeron 1.8Ghz with 256MB/40GB/CDRW/NO-OS machine that I ordered to replace my current 'box' will arrive on Monday. The old 'box' was an off-lease from a state auction (via eBay) Celeron 433MHz with 128MB/6.4GB/CDROM/NO-OS box....


Meanwhile, it just occurred to me...that after the upgrade, this Linux machine known as 'box' will move from being my slowest BOINC minion to 2nd or 3rd place....well, there's only 4 minions.

I came across a graph on BOINC benchmarks....and according to it, the Athlon XP 2000+ is faster than an Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz....though that's probably because the CPU does a better job at running the benchmark....in terms of WU completion times....it is slower...and with HT, the P4 can do two WUs at a time. Though the Athlon XP 2000+ box is currently holds the 2nd place spot. And, that takes into account that the Athlon XP 2000+ box should have an edge over my P4/3.2Ghz machine....in that it is running Linux and I allow BOINC to run all the time (plus it is a server that I'm hardly ever on interactively). My Windows machines have BOINC set to only run when idle....and with the current job hunt, I use my main Windows computer much more than usual..... 'box', of course, is also a Linux box....I use my location profiles to distinguish between the OS....'Work' means Windows, and 'Home' is Linux.

I plan to someday have a Mac OS X box (or two) in my home network....still plan to build that HTMac someday.... so I'll probably use 'School' for this. Though who knows what the future really holds....maybe I'll give in and actually go back to school, though I have no idea how I would afford something like that. Or what I would study (assuming I could....)

So, I wonder how the Athlon XP 2000+ (1.66GHz) will actually stack up against a Celeron 1.8GHz in WU times.

My W2K box will then become the slowest....as a P3/933Mhz machine. This was the machine I was intending to upgrade first....performance wise it is sufficient, though with the increase of VM based programs running on it...the 512MB memory constraint of the i815 chipset has become a problem. Though I would think Windows does a better job at sharing resources between multiple .Net programs (or maybe even smart enough to have them run in the same VM)....while that isn't the case with Java programs....especially, since I have two different version of runtimes on the box. DVArchive requiring 1.4.2, and another requiring 1.5....the 3rd doesn't seem to care, since it is still pointed to the 1.4.2.

The W2K machine was being considered for upgrade....due to the need to add more memory to it.... Actually another IBM box would probably do the trick nicely....except that buying memory for it, kind of ups the price and I need firewire on the whatever box I move to...since I'll want to move the 4 300GB firewire drives from the old machine to the new one.

Hopefully, the downgrade in memory on 'box' won't have a measurable impact on performance. The old 'box' has 384MB, and the new 'box' will only have 256MB....no immediate plans to upgrade memory in it....considering that additional memory for it will cost almost as much as what I'm paying for the machine.

It was already bad enough when I added 256MB of memory to the old 'box'....that memory upgrade cost almost triple what I had paid for the machine. :lalala:

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