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Upgraded my Laptop's Memory


  04:00:50 pm, by The Dreamer   , 406 words  
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Upgraded my Laptop's Memory

Link: http://www.vikinginterworks.com/pp/T2700DDR_512S.html

While I had things opened, I decided it was time to swap the battery. I was still using the original from November 2002 in it....I had picked up a spare in 2003 for it, but it mainly sat on a shelf.

I probably shouldn't have done it this way...because it looks like sitting on the shelf all these years has ruined the memory. I had used it a couple times when it was new....but now it doesn't seem to want to charge....it reached 100% way too quickly to be right. Hopefully a few cycles will get it going, except LiIon isn't supposed to have memory issues.

I wonder what is next for upgrades to this computer.

I guess it'll either be a new battery or upgrade the harddrive.

Not sure what kind of harddrive upgrade I want. 60GB is still plenty for what I use the computer for. Though since they have 5400rpm or 7200rpm laptop drives now, I'm thinking of upgrading to one of these.

OTOH, eventually, there will be a new laptop in my plan....it probably won't be until next year though...since as soon as I'm in a position to start buying hardware again...it'll be to acquire desktop (type) computers. The first two being to upgrade my old WiRNS/DVArchive server, and to finally build that HTmac I've been talking about.

Though there might also be an HTPC on the horizon....don't know if it'll be just a Windows Media Center box or if I'll base one around ReplayTV....

Meanwhile, I think the next computer to get a memory upgrade will be my main desktop.....

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