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Was about to give up when....


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Was about to give up when....

...power returned.

I was about to try taking a shower by candle light (well, actually flash light) when the power came back on....at least the hum of power came back, since I had gone around and made sure the lights were all off, etc.

So, I went to check on various things....some minor issues after power loss, I could live with. But, the one that was a problem.....my linux box known as 'lhaven' failed to boot.

The /boot and /(root) filesystems were damaged.

It is one of the last recent Maxtor 7Y250P0's in service....and I've been experiencing higher than normal failure rates with these drives....such that they are no longer my preferred model anymore.

Guess, it is time to replace this disk.

In the meantime, I guess I'll have to restore from my mondorescue CDs...I'll lose about a month of progress on the machines....restoring /boot and /(root) from the CDs. All the other filesystems had better be okay, because the mondorescue only contains these two filesytems. The other 3 filesytems total about 800GB of data...and I don't have the CDs for that :>>

Hopefully, that'll get me back in business.

On the most part I think I'll be okay....because I think most of the changes have been security patches or PRG related. And, hopefully the PRG details when the next update runs.

Which is probably the only unknown, because the backup might not have the latest crontab file....actually, I'm pretty certain that it isn't. Hopefully, I'll be able to remember all the changes when I get to that step.

Wonder what things I can do to improve survivability of this system in the future....:??:

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