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DVD: Evan Almighty


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DVD: Ultraviolet


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Dyson DC18 Slim


Oh yeah...before I got to building the CD Storage Rack, I finally got around to assembling my new Dyson DC18 Slim Vacuum Cleaner. It was also a Columbus Day item.

I did a quick run of it...and it was amazing how much stuff it pulled up. Didn't expect to see more construction dust, though it choked my old vacuum cleaner to maybe not losing suction got to the stuff that the old vacuum cleaner didn't get.

Think I need some of its accessories to get to those hard to reach spots. Wonder about getting an extension cord for I can get to the far corner of the living room (without using the living room circuit.. :? )

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CD Storage Rack


For a long time, I've been meaning to get a new CD storage rack of some sort. I used to have a pair of 500 CD Storage racks, which I had out grown. Plus, there weren't the most of them toppled shortly after I moved to my second apartment in Ohio.

When it became clear that I be undertaking a relocation, I decided that I would just toss the old CD racks with the plan that I would purchase new ones. Well, the new situation was less the ideal, so figuring out how and when to acquire a new CD rack and where I might put it took some time.

Recently, I got an email ad on a CD storage rack...and I started thinking that maybe it was time to see about taking the plunge. With the plan to take Columbus Day off, I went looking to see who I might order from that might be able to target as a UPS delivery on Columbus Day.

I had nearly settled on a choice, until I went to find out how much shipping was. Over $100 for ground shipping. While Googling for other sources, there was a sponsored result touting free shipping. So I ordered from them. The site gave the implication that it was a limited time offer and could take up to 2 weeks to ship. Well, it took less than that to ship and it still offers free shipping.

So, as I previously tried to arrive the Wednesday before Columbus Day, and I got UPS to defer until Columbus Day.

Well, today I finally set it up.

The hardest challenge was that I don't have free space to assembly it laying down, and wasn't designed to be assembled upright. But, I managed to get it sufficiently assembled.

Now to find the boxes with the CDs, and start loading it up.

CD Storage Rack


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DVD: Next

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Blackout Liner

Well, because the drapes didn't quite make the room dark enough, especially when the outside parking lot light is shining right onto my window. I had ended up ordering a blackout liner to see if that would solve things.

Guess I need to set the rod out further to make that work...but except for the light leakage at the sides, it is great now. The blackout liner is longer than the drapes, so it does look a little strange. But, I'm mainly about function here. &#59;D


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Phew...missing package has turned up....

The big, long, heavy part 1 of 2 has turned up....gonna just stash it somewhere, because I don't have room to set it up just yet...and I'm starving, so it is time to tackle the turkey. )-o

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Zektor HDVI5.1 HDVI5 5x1 DVI / HDMI Switcher switch


Oh yeah...during the blog move, I picked this item up from the UPS Store.

I got a black one.

I unpacked and placed it under my TV, though I don't have much in the way of cables to put it into service. And, I don't yet have much need for it....the TV can handle everything that I currently have plugged in to it.

But, if I do get that Mac Mini and/or add a PC to my setup....or decide on Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD (or get a universal)...then I'm going to have need more inputs.

I was originally planning to get a remote controlled Digital Audio switch, because I there is one device where its audio output is not connected to anything at the moment....the OTA tuner. Though its usefulness might have reached an end due to neighboring construction (too late to move to a higher place...)

But, I anticipate a need for some kind of switch...and I had been looking at a component video / digital audio switcher for some time. Though some of the things that I switch by component now, could also be switched using DVI...and the price/feature point was in the ballpark of what I would pay/get. So, I went for it.

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Columbus Day 2007

Today, is Columbus Day. AKA Canadian Thanksgiving.

I took today off from work as my discretionary holiday (AKA floating holiday, use it or lose it holiday, etc.), so that I could do the Canadian well as do some stuff I've been wanting to do around my home and wait for some deliveries.

First the deliveries. I mentioned that I had something that was attempted on Wednesday, when I wasn't home, that I had them defer delivery until today. Well, that didn't quite work out. It was shipped in two boxes, but only one of them arrived today....the one labeled "2 of 2". Hopefully they'll find the other one and complete its delivery today. The other item I had delivered today is a Dyson DC18 Slim. I don't feel like opening that box today, so it might be a while before I get around to using it to vacuum.


The thing I've been meaning to do around the home is hang some new curtains. A while back the landlord turned an area outside into a parking lot, and the lights for the lot shine against my condo...namely right against my bedroom window. So, I started looking for better light blocking drapes...though it would take a while before the order would arrive, so I resorted to foiling my windows.

The foiling worked really well, perhaps too well. I could sleep all day.... and I found that my bedroom was much cooler. And, since summer was coming, I opted to leave the foil up. Plus I didn't own the condo yet, so I put off drilling holes and hanging drapes. But, now that it is cooling down and there might actually be cause to open was time to take action. Plus the foiling seemed to prevent my atomic clock from syncing.

Though I have now discovered that it wasn't the case. Evidently my (Oreck) electronic aircleaner is throwing off stray RF that jams reception. I think I got the aircleaner a bit before I did the foiling, but I never looked at the clock until afterwards. Guess I'll find somewhere else to put it.

The drapes might not work out though. They aren't quite wide enough, a little long (so I had to move my dresser), and they don't seem dark enough... So, it is possible I might be ordering new drapes again. At least when I do, I'll have the option to get another rod and hang these drapes in the other bedroom. Which I plan to use as soon as I clear some clutter.

Guess I'll find out how well they work tonight....


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New Home - - DreamHost


I have a new home.....that is a new home for my blog.

After the 3rd significant outage in the year with my previous hosting provider, and no explanation (at all). I went looking for a new hosting company. I had been hearing of dreamhost from various people on the work-related IRC channels.

So, I popped over to the site and see if it might fit my needs. There was a popup (which firefox blocked, but I opted to open it to see what promo it wanted to tell me about).... The popup told me of their recent 10th birthday, and a $110.10 discount for their first 1010 new customers.

Well, that was plenty of incentive to become a new customer of DreamHost. And, not just because I'm The Dreamer &#59;D

I didn't really want to make the switch this weekend. I had booked this off as a long weekend (to use my discretionary holiday for the year)...and I was going to do some non-computer stuff that I had been putting off at home.

But, it looks like everything had made it over....with only minor inconvenience (one feature broke, but that's because the new host is more secure than my old I guess that's a good thing. I could fix it later, but its low on my list of things I want to do to this site).

So, back to my regularly scheduled blogging....there was something I wanted to blog about, but didn't because of this move....

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.


Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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