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Cellet Ruberrized Elite Swivel Holster for K1m


  05:16:01 pm, by The Dreamer   , 260 words  
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Cellet Ruberrized Elite Swivel Holster for K1m

Was a nifty holster while it lasted.

Wonder why Motorola doesn't make a holster clip for this phone...because of this I have to resort to non-OEM holsters.

Most of have tab at the top to separate the phone from the holster, which doesn't give the leverage needed to quickly remove the phone from the holster to take calls. The side release is much easier.

But, today...as I was walking to the grocery stock...I after crossing Claflin into Westloop I heard a click. I looked down and wondered what it was, but everything looked alright. Then I took another step, and the my phone with the holster minus the half the belt clip went crashing into the sidewalk.

Before I picked up the pieces, I could tell that things were gonna be good. :no:

Yep...the front of the KRZR is now crazed(?) XX(

At least it still works. I picked up the holster bit from the ground, and fished part of the clip from my belt and examined how it had failed. And, then I tossed the holster into the nearest dumpster and put the phone in my pocket.

Later walking home I made a quick call to make sure that part worked. And, then I called it when I got home. It seems to still be functional. Now to find a case that'll cover up the cracks. Maybe wearing it on my belt isn't the way to go with this phone. Hmmm...

Meanwhile, there should be another holster somewhere at work...of the top tab kind....

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