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Death of an Email address


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Death of an Email address

I have finally had to kill off one of my old email addresses :##

It was one of the first email addresses I created when I got my own domain name, and it is my name....and at one time it was also the one I used in the online job hunt (I didn't know that you were supposed to use a disposable email address when looking for work).

But, it had been drawing in more and more spam over time....and lately there has been a flood of bounceback spam. Someone using my email address to send spam to other people And, unfortunately not all users and, even, email administrators are bright enough to know that the from address doesn't mean that's where the spam is coming from. After all, K-State frequently lands on block lists because they are mis-identified as the origin of spam. Especially because we allow all our users to forward all of their email off campus (unlike some places which will employ spam filtering and only forward the messages that pass, its a catch-22....people worry about not getting email that only looks like spam. The emails from the company that CES at K-State has outsourced the generation of their emails to. Our spam filter gives it a score of 4.7 based on message body contents (actually its a bit higher, because there's a negative score that is added because we 'trust' them). Though part of the problem is that the default spam score threshold was lowered from 5.0 to either 3.0 or 3.5 last year. Personally, I use a threshold of 4.7 since I would otherwise too much emails. And, still some important emails still get flagged as spam (they tend to have scores higher than 5.0).

Though this is why with my hosting providers, I do not use their spam filtering services. I want my email to reach me, and giving me full local control on what is spam and what isn't. Especially a problem with the accounts I use for eBay activity. Or online banking and related. The phishing emails from banks I have no business relationship with are easy to spot...its a little harder with the ones that I do use, especially if they find the email address I currently have registered with them.

Anyways...I have had to nuke this long time account. Though I did it rather impulsively, so nobody knows it is gone...and I have to figure out now what things I should update. The ones that are obvious though, are like my UofC alumni information record (and forwarding), and my membership records with the professional organizations that I belong to....APEGGA, NSPE, IEEE....

Though I'm sure there'll be others that I miss. :**:

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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