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Dishwasher Update & Weber Q 120


  08:49:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 563 words  
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Dishwasher Update & Weber Q 120

Link: http://www.weber.com/bbq/pub/grill/2007/q/Q120.aspx

Well, I finally got the new dishwasher today, it arrived this morning....it sure was an ordeal getting it. Crammed allmost of my dirty dishes into and it went to work....while I headed off to work.

Originally Sears.com had said I would get it Thursday, sometime. Though it had to be morning for me, since I had a doctor's appointment (made over a month in advance, and it this last day or try my luck on a waiting list) and the interview of one of the job candidates at work. Wednesday afternoon they had left a message on my home number (I had provided my work number as my daytime number, and repeated told them to reach me at this number...and up until this call...they had been.) The message they left said they would delivery between 11am and 3pm on Thursday. That doesn't work... I called back, but I didn't get home that night until after 9pm...(which had been the norm for a couple of weeks)....so I tried my best to leave the appropriate message.

Late Thursday afternoon...I got another call at home...in fact 3 calls, and messages....none at my daytime/work number :## I called to retrieve the numbers and promptly set out to pin down what was going on....except it was after 5pm and the person that called had left, the person that she said to call if I could get a hold of her had also left, and her manager had also left. But, I did talk to a manager and eventually he called back to say things were straight and that I would get a call from the installer later that day or tomorrow with time.

Later that evening, the installer called and said he would be here to install around 9:30am on Monday. Hence the Pizza Hut weekend.

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Comment from: Rick Rude [Visitor]
Rick Rude

Great to hear everything worked out with the dishwasher. Is it normal to put such a heavy load on it right away? Also what king of soap are you using? I prefer those easy to use prefab pellets with the jet-dry ball. So easy to use and no mess as compared to pouring in that granualar soap.

Just checked out your blog, stumbled upon it by accident, I too refer to myself as “The Dreamer". Looks like you are a busy guy!

Rick “The Dreamer” Rude

08/10/07 @ 11:49
Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Well, actually the first load is considered light by normal standards. Since the load involved a lot of rewashing dishes that I had washed by hand….

Normal use is let the dirty dishes pile up until the weekend, and then run a load. No pre-washing or pre-rinsing….

I use the Cascade ActionPacs (w/Dawn), in my experience I’ve had better results using these than the Electrasol tabs with the jet-dry ball. Definitely better than powder….Palmolive Dishwasher Gel was my previous preferred agent for doing dishes. I might even still had a bottle somewhere….

08/10/07 @ 21:44
Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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