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Finally got 2GB


  09:21:59 pm, by The Dreamer   , 645 words  
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Finally got 2GB

Well, I made it in my mind that I would come home early tonight (last night I left work near 10pm, so it was already about 10:30'ish....and I didn't get to hitting my pillow until close to midnight.) So, that I could try out the memory, etc.

I did the memory swap and booted, the BIOS reported 2048MB of 400MHz memory in dual channel configuration. Looks like this time everything is happy. So, now to let my machine do its thing for a few days, and then declare things resolved.

What am I going to do with the 1GB of PC3200 memory I have left now? At one time, I was considering building a computer around it....but I don't feel like it. If anything, I might buy a new(ish) computer that uses PC3200 memory....and see if it'll take it.

Basically, WiRNS and DVArchive have grown to where the old PC doesn't have the memory for it anymore....and it is at its physical maximum of 512MB. If I do bite the bullet and get a new machine, it'll start with 1GB of RAM and if I can get it up a bit more, great....otherwise, I guess I could sell it.

Oh, the main reason I decided to opt out of building a PC from scratch...is that for WiRNS, I'll need to run a Windows OS...and it looks like I can get an adequate system for less than separate. And, either way I wasn't looking for a killer machine. Since the only thing that would benefit from the extra speed of the new machine is BOINC. I'm more interested in seeing about low cost dual core, since it'll let me crunch more work among the many different projects that I'm in. &#59;D

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