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Home Air Quality Enhancers Update


  11:25:49 am, by The Dreamer   , 1507 words  
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Home Air Quality Enhancers Update

Guess I haven't blogged about my recent air quality enhancement related purchases....

But, first I need to import my Outlook folders into Thunderbird so I can remember when I did these things....ran into some trouble..."Unable to save your message as draft. Error writing temporary file." After a few google searches, I found that the conflict was my AntiVirus software...so turning for Norton AV's autoprotect has it working....

Back in June, I ordered the Pure-Ion Advanced Air Purifier from Brookstone, just before leaving for my brother's wedding...with the anticipation that it would arrive on the later on the day of my return, so I should be home to receive it. Unfortunately, the flight(s) didn't go as planned and I didn't get back until the wee hours the next day.

Turned out the idea of putting the filter modules in the dishwasher wasn't all that practical. The rack tines prevent them from sitting low, they take up a lot more space than I wanted. Plus I don't wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, so I run the risk coating the filters with food particles. Guess I'll just use the Oreck Assail-A-Cell cleaner on them when more than a simple rinse isn't enough.

As for my other experiences....the clean light comes on quite often, and I don't see visible accumulation of dust. Not sure it is doing anything. Wonder if making the cells dishwasher safe reduces their effectiveness in being charged to capture dust? Worse, the oscillate function has broken on it. It will now often just go in a (full) circle, and then randomly stop turning at all. I coaxed it to work a big longer so that it is in the 'straight' orientation and now don't use the function. :**:

The model seemed to have gotten redesigned shortly after I purchased it....don't know if it is better or not, but it does have a larger surface area..... :..(

Next, I've occasionally checking out the woot.com site....then one day (October 25th) they were having a woot off, and I was seeing stuff that I might actually want...so I signed up for an account that day. And, then later that day....they had Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier. I had been thinking of getting another one or two, though the Oreck site seemed out of refurbished units and I don't have a spot cleared for it yet. Like the bedroom that is still packed full of boxes from when I moved in, I have plans to actually make use more than just a few clear spots where I put shelves and such.....or next to the other computers. Anyways...when I saw this on woot.com, I went for it. Some day I'll open the box and set it up.

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Guess it turns out the reason I had trouble importing my Outlook folders into Thunderbird is because there was a ‘virus’ in an old email (actually it was more likely a phishing email that current virus filters catch). It got caught during the weekly system scan.

12/05/07 @ 18:31
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