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Home Air Quality Enhancers Update


  11:25:49 am, by The Dreamer   , 1507 words  
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Home Air Quality Enhancers Update

Finally....I recently signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime, because it makes it easier to receive packages at home when you know exactly when they'll get there. And, I could easily see coming out ahead in the membership cost.

Well, the other day I got a bloody nose. I probably blew too hard, but it has been dry at home and at work...drier at work. The hydrometer on my desk is reading ~17%...while the one at home is reading ~22%. I was debating whether I would buy one this year, and when. Been trying to decide whether I want a cool mist or a warm mist one. The trade off is usually...warm mist is a pain to clean, as the minerals build up and bond to the heating element. Or cool mist which consume wicks. There are some that have permanent filters/wicks...though they just mean its not made out of paper and require cleaning, etc. And, the reviews had been poor. And, then there were higher end units that cost $300-$500...which I had thought about getting, but would mean that they would have to wait until next year.

So, now with a sense of urgency...I went on to Amazon.com and checked my wish list to see what models I had looked at....but decided that my budget was <$100. I then searched for cool mist units of various specifications...whether it seemed likely that wicks would be readily available and be available for a few years at least. The one I had at my first house was great, except it was getting harder and harder to find wicks...and then I moved to the US, so I opted to leave it behind...since I wasn't sure if I would be able to find wicks down here.

Since the permanent wick cool units that fit the budget got such low scores and poor reviews, I expanded the search to any cool mist unit...and narrowed on the ones that were Amazon Prime eligible and in stock for immediate delivery. I didn't like what I saw, so I decided to try the same for warm mist units.

I came across the Honeywell HWM450 Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier, the key was that it used a stainless steel heating plate rather than the ceramic&#58;&#63;&#58; submersion heating elements...so that should address the peeve I have with warm mist units. And it at least had some positive reviews. So, I decided to pop it into my cart and see what delivery dates would present themselves. Basically, I was looking at pay a bit for next day (Monday, December 3rd), or get it for free in two days (Tuesday, December 4th).....or I could pay a bit more and get Saturday Delivery (today &#58;&#68;) I opted for Saturday, though in hindsight...Tuesday would also have been acceptable, as there are other packages due in on Monday and Tuesday now.

I set it up in the old location in the kitchen...though I'm debating whether that is really the optimal location in my condo. Since the kitchen tends not to have a humidity problem due to cooking and dishwasher operations. I suppose ideally, I should get two....one for the living room and one for the bedroom....the places where I spend most of my time and where it is dry.

But, no immediate plans to rush out and buy another...so I guess I'll leave it in the kitchen for the time being. I do see that the price has dropped a bit though.... &#58;&#96;&#40;

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Guess it turns out the reason I had trouble importing my Outlook folders into Thunderbird is because there was a ‘virus’ in an old email (actually it was more likely a phishing email that current virus filters catch). It got caught during the weekly system scan.

12/05/07 @ 18:31
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