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Home Air Quality Enhancers Update


  11:25:49 am, by The Dreamer   , 1507 words  
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Home Air Quality Enhancers Update

Wonder at what point in home ownership will I look at replacing the HVAC....I suspect the original AC is undersized (especially since the neighbor ... a smaller condo ... got an new AC that is larger than mine)....due to the difficulty in it recovering (which makes setback of limited usefulness during the summer) and maintaining on really hot days. Would probably be more energy efficient to upgrade. But, I'd probably want to upgrade the furnace at the same time...not just for more efficiency, but to get the extras like getting a humidifier there...and maybe an electronic air cleaner. Maybe if I don't require an emergency hot water replacement, I'll plan to replace it all a few years down the road. Since the small closet would likely require the hot water heater to come out to replace the furnace, etc.

The problem is I have no idea whether such an upgrade would translate to a noticeable savings in utilities....and therefore what kind of cost recovery could be achieved. I'm also wondering if there'll be savings in replacing fridge and/or washer/dryer. The dishwasher has been hard to quantify in savings. Largely because I use it such that I can have the hot water heater at a lower temperature savings...but then it uses electricity to bring the water up to temperature (and more so, if I use the sanitize setting)...and a cycle is longer than the old dishwasher, so I don't know if that results in more water use...but surely that's more electricity use? Also there wasn't expected to be much of a savings, since the old dishwasher was only a little over a year old.

Should hopefully see something in a new fridge...especially since the freeze door is sagging and leaking cold air (which causes a condensation problem around the seal, and mold is finding this rather inviting). Though hard to say if I would see savings in getting a new washer and dryer. A front loader will use less water, but I pay a flat charge for water here (the units aren't individually metered)...though a large capacity unit will cut down on loads. But, some features could lead to more electricity usage....and the ones I'm looking at will be pretty expensive. Also on the list is getting a new oven....self cleaning ones are better insulated, plus I want a window, so I can see without opening it. Plus the key is getting one that'll be easier to keep clean....so not likely to see significant energy savings from this. In fact, a new oven will probably result in increased use.....

Hmmm.... :??:

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Guess it turns out the reason I had trouble importing my Outlook folders into Thunderbird is because there was a ‘virus’ in an old email (actually it was more likely a phishing email that current virus filters catch). It got caught during the weekly system scan.

12/05/07 @ 18:31
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