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I have two Internet Browser icons on my Blackberry


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I have two Internet Browser icons on my Blackberry

Over the weekend, I went up to Toronto for my brother's wedding. When I returned to the United States (first landing in Denver), my blackberry got a registration email and suddenly another "Internet Browser" icon appeared next to the one I already had.

It does everything the first one did, and has the same name. I tried hiding it, but that causes both to hide. I tried moving it, that worked until the phone was restarted. Then the other one moved as well.

I tried going on to BIS and having the service books resent. I didn't solve this problem, though I did get a flood of email messages. They were the work ones, so I guess I didn't notice that this wasn't working.

I thought about seeing if I could remove the Browser and reinstall it, but I never used the software from Sprint to set my computer up. So, I didn't have means on my desktop to reinstall it using the Applications installer. I went to the Sprint website, and grabbed it. Noticed that it was a slightly newer version. Meaning it would cause an upgrade. Decided that I would just let it do the full upgrade and see if that resolved it.

It did....

However, it caused some minor inconveniences. The first is the 3 programs that I have purchased for my Blackberry....I needed to get them registered again. Magmic's Sudoku was pretty easy, once I tracked down what my registration was. Finding the email wasn't easy, guess I used 3 different emails with each of the registrations. None of them the usual one. But, once registered, it was working again.

The next was SplashID. Again, I had to track down the code, etc. Then the hard part was restoring my data. First sync it did, it deleted all my data on the desktop and replaced it garbled versions of the sample data that it installs with. Oh yeah, I had to reinstall the program on my Blackberry, rather than use the restored version. Because the restored image would crash. Perhaps a safe guard against exposing my protected data, or just a software conflict (seemed the version was slightly different between the OTA install originally and the one that came with the desktop installer).

The desktop has a restore function, except that I had never used its backup function. And, I had made a lot of changes since I imported data from the Palm version. Opted to restore from system backups....export the data....sync again, which clobbered everything....of course. Then remove the extraneous entries, and import the old data (making it look new again?). And, that seems to stick now.

Then I went about my day and forgot all about the 3rd program, until I remembered about it.

SyncJe. My sync with Oracle Calendar. Again, I had to track down the registration information for it again, but worse I had to reconfigure it to work.

I went to my blog post -- here -- but it didn't seem to work.

Did document the URL incorrectly? I went searching on google again, and indications were that maybe I did have it wrong. I probably typed it from memory after I had it working, so I had changed it in my mind.

Eventually after much fustration, I found the working URL again. It is:


Not sure ksu vs. k-state was important for this case, because the proper domain name is k-state....at least from a certificate point of view. Perhaps I should fix that, but not a big rush.

But, everything is back again. &#59;D

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

Note: the kcalendar.ksu.edu form no longer works. The site was upgraded to a paid Thawte certificate for kcalendar.k-state.edu.

11/09/07 @ 09:28
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