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Leopard Time Machine and PHR-250CC


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Leopard Time Machine and PHR-250CC

Link: http://www.macally.com/EN/Product/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=100

Going back a little big....during the experimentation with Leopard, I also looked at Time Machine.

First thing I discovered was it could use the same drive (so not like Windows System Restore &#59;) ), and I couldn't use the samba share from my Sun Workstation (which I had been running SilverKeeper to).

But, SilverKeeper and a share wasn't really the optimal situation, and I've been meaning to get an external drive for backups of the MacBook Pro.

A co-worker got the idea to visit the Computer Store on campus to see what external drive options there were. He then found the enclosures, which I never really noticed before....which I knew about that part sooner, might have helped the last time I was looking for enclosures. But, I spotted a 2.5" drive enclosure...and remembered that I do have a 2.5" harddrive somewhere that I'm not using.

There's also a 3.5" 500G SATA drive that I'm not using, but someday I'll work up the courage to upgrade the primary drive in my desktop computer to it (and the plan was to then use that 120G drive as the backup of my Mac....some day). But, I've digressed.

Later that night, I was chatting with the co-workers online about drive enclosures online. The conclusion was that the computer store price was reasonable compared to online. And, much more instantaneous. I went and found the 2.5" drive...I couldn't remember what size it was....but I knew it was a 7200RPM drive, which would probably be overkill for use in an external enclosure. Later I found it to be a 100G notebook drive. Which I guess is still the maximum for 7200RPM notebook drives.

So, I stopped off at the computer store on the way in to work the next day and bought the enclosure. There were 3 choices....a USB only for $15 (some other brand and plastic), a USB with encryption (and a finger print reader -- BIO-250U). And, one that had both firewire and USB. Knowing that firewire is better than USB, I went with the PHR-250CC.

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