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LHAVEN lives


  09:03:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 840 words  
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LHAVEN lives

I pretty much decided that it would be a 300GB drive that I would get, even though with the pared content...I could get away with less. I was also open to maybe getting more, if the price was right. They had a Western Digital 300GB/8 drive for ~$135. Or a Maxtor 320GB/16 drive for ~$164...and a Seagate 500GB/16 drive for ~$169. It was tempting to go for the Seagate 500GB drive...but after some thought, I decided to stick with the 300GB drive.

When I got home yesterday, that's when all the fun began. The machine was dead again, no big surprise. It had gone down once before after the resurrection. It only last longer this time, because I had shut almost everything down on the system. I think the only thing left running was PRG, and when my ReplayTVs do their net connect...the post connection batch file tells PRG to refresh the replayschedule data for that ReplayTV.

Tearing apart the machine and replacing the drive was pretty straight forward, except for a brief distraction which resulted in discovering after I had the case completely closed up and trying to boot....that I had forgotten to reconnect cables to the new drive. Next came the disaster.

Booting up, it naturally complained that it couldn't find a file system and prompted to go into maintenance mode. I then partitioned the new drive and went to format and then assign the label so it could be mounted by its label. Except the label wouldn't go on! Huh?

Up arrow a bit to see what went wrong.....oh know...I did 'mke2fs -j /dev/hda1' instead of 'mke2fs -j /dev/hdb1'. ARGH!

After I calmed down a bit....and noticing that my machine didn't stop....I figured I didn't nuke the '/' filesystem at least. But it wasn't swap. I had reformmatted the '/boot' filesystem. I finished what I was doing and went looking for my mondoarchive CDs to recover the system.

The latest CDs that I could find were dated 20060627. CDs I had made the day I shutdown all my computers for the move to Manhattan, KS. Maybe things hadn't changed that much in that particular filesystem.

I wasn't fast enough on the boot to tell it to use CD, and it showed the lilo screen....so I let it boot through. I seemed to go okay, though it eventually stopped at the maintenance prompt. Maybe '/boot' isn't critical...seemed the only reason it stopped was because I didn't (re)label it for the mountall to work.

With the system kind of up...I looked for the directory where cron makes the mondoarchive ISOs...and found that the latest in that directory was for 20070301. So, I burned those ISOs to CD and used those to recover '/boot'.

And, now I'm back in business. The machine has been up for 24 hours since all this. And hopefully will continue until I get around to building the next home server. Something with RAID is the plan....or is that dream?

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