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Mourning the loss of my Linux server


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Mourning the loss of my Linux server

Actually, I had the same problem with ZipZoomFly.com...they kept insisting the address as entered wouldn't validate, but it is a valid and correctly formatted address. But, eventually...I was able to convince it to ignore their validation error and go through. I was so frustrated by its need to validate the shipping address, I failed to notice that it did no validation of the billing address...which was old. The last time I had ordered from ZipZoomFly.com was June 14th, 2005. They had always given me lots of trouble for deliveries, to the point where I had decided to never shop there again. I took a big chance ordering from them again, but I was in a hurry and they had the CPU in stock and available for overnight. Though the part where they can take up to 2 business days to process the order before it goes out overnight, was a concern...since I wanted overnight to mean arrive on Friday...not sometime next week. But, it did ship (though they didn't inform me [or update their site] that it had shipped until 8 hours after the fact....)

Later as I was doing some other random Googling....I wondered if buying a new motherboard would've been an option....I found a Socket A motherboard for Geeks.com. Actually there were several choices....though only one came with an I/O shield. Though that one didn't have a on-board video, so would've required me to get a video card. But, looking at other choices I found one that did have on-board video and its back ports matched my current I/O shield. So, I ordered it. Not sure what happens if I do resurrect the old Linux server. Perhaps the new Core 2 Quad box replaces my old Windows machine (circa October 31st, 2003).

Except that the Core 2 Quad comes with Windows Vista Basic...and if I was really in the market for a new Windows machine...I'd be looking for one with Windows XP Professional....which NewEgg had one for just under $1000. Alternatively, if I want customized, I'd probably go with a new Dell. I think I could get one for about $1750 with a dual DVI card and a 20" widescreen LCD (to go with the regular LCD that I already have &#59;) )

Not entirely sure what I would be doing if I was finally going to break down and upgrade the P-III 933Mhz Windows 2000 machine. Which is having its issues (which I might be able to fix by repairing/reinstalling the OS, if I ever find out which box I have it packed in). Again the upgrade would large be of benefit for BOINC...though having support for more than 512MB of memory would probably make it thrash less. And, allow it to participate in BOINC projects with large memory requirements &#59;D

OTOH, if I do replace my Windows desktop....I guess I could redeploy the old Windows desktop to replace the P-III 933MHz machine. (of course the old computer will continue to run somewhere...just scaled back to just doing BOINC :>> Hopefully, I'll find the reinstall disk by then, since the system is so sick, I can't tweak IP settings....like to change it from not looking at my currently dead Linux server for DNS. )

=> This just in....I re-entered my credit card information at NewEgg, and I got an email from my bank that the charge has gone through. Though NewEgg still hasn't updated the status of my order. :!:

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