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Ordered from PizzaHut online


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Ordered from PizzaHut online

I ordered some pizzas and stuff from Pizza Hut online today.

Probably doesn't seem all that strange, because they were one of the first companies to do online ordering for food delivery. And, I came from Columbus, Ohio where for the first part of living the US I lived online....doing the Peapod thing, in addition to Pizza Hut. There was also Donatos, which I kind of miss more.

And, it was kind of planned that I would be ordering food online this weekend...as I do my 4th weekend with no working dishwasher. I've been washing some by hand....I sure use a ton more water doing it by hand, and drying it a problem...not having a dish rack or much in open counter space. And, I'm keeping them out, so that when I do finally have a working dishwasher again....

What is special. Is that when I was job hunting....and figuring out where I might live next, I was looking at the livability of the various locations. And, one of the things I looked at was the proximity to fast food, and/or the ability to get online food deliveries. Use a phone is so last century, especially if you want to know it'll be right, etc.

One of the things I had noted when I was moving here to Manhattan, KS...was that Pizza Hut didn't do online deliveries. I wondered if I could survive without Pizza Hut. I had been, since there are quite a number of other Pizza establishments in Manhattan, KS from which I can order online from. Such as directly from Papa John's or using CampusFood (Gambinos, Dominos, Gumby's). CampusFood is interesting, in that not just Pizza places are available....perhaps someday I'll try getting Chinese delivered. I don't think I've done Gumby's yet.

But I don't have delivery as often now....now that I'm acceptably close to a grocery store, and can't really afford it as often now. Still the same kind of tipper that I've always been...just now it is much more likely that the service person is a student &#59;)

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