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Sipura SPA-3000 & Broadvoice


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Sipura SPA-3000 & Broadvoice

Now, I have DSL service...and as such, I have a PSTN. I had long ago removed anything that takes messages or rings on the line off, because even though I never gave the number out to anybody....I get lots of wrong numbers or charities asking for money. The charities know me by name, so the phone company must have given them my info. And, charities can be annoying, even though I registered the number with DNC well before the line even became active.

Still, I'm paying lots of money for a useless PSTN line....I should get some use out of it.

Back before the move, I had looked at getting an FXS/FXO converter to maybe gateway between two VoIP services (Vonage and Lingo). Thinking there should be someway to save on long distance in certain situations. But, a circumstance where I would need to do something like this hasn't yet materialized....and I never got around to it.

But, I never stopped looking around for devices. Since the unlocked PAP2 I was using, didn't work 100%....I would now and then look at the list of supported bring-your-own-devices and consider getting one of those via eBay.

Especially now that it looks like I'm gonna be around for a while and Vonage might not be long.

After some research, it looked like the Sipura SPA-3000 would fit the bill. Only finding one was hard, I tried online from places that listed it as new. Most said it was replaced with the SPA-3102....one place did claim to have it, but when I ordered it...they said they were out and weren't ever going to get any. But, they still advertise on their site as having it.

I had been searching eBay for the same device, of course. And, tried bidding on some here and there. And, then I won one.

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