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Sipura SPA-3000 & Broadvoice


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Sipura SPA-3000 & Broadvoice

When I first got it....I read over the process of getting it to work with Broadvoice....it gave a process of upgrading (so an older firmware than what was on the unit I got) and then having it fetch configuration settings from them.

So, I had the unit fetch settings from them...and everything seemed to work. I could even access Broadvoice's voicemail! However, the outgoing sound was nothing but noise.

I did a bunch of things, including a few factory resets and using other setup parameters found using google. It was necessary to use a factory reset, because after downloading the configuration data from Broadvoice....it set a password on the device, and I couldn't get in. And, they wanted me to call them to let me back into my own unit. Of course, I wanted to also use the more advanced features of the device....not just have outgoing PSTN fallback when the power is out (or their service is out).

Anyways...no dice....just noise going out, though I could hear clearly and in-band DTMF was working great. I even compared its settings against my PAP2. Time go declare it DOA and contact the seller.

Meanwhile, I switched back to the PAP2....and while I was comparing settings, I noticed a difference on settings related to in-call DTMF. It wasn't the setting that Broadvoice had said to use....I wondered if I changed the PAP2, if it would work.

It did....so the main peeve for trying a different device was gone...the PAP2 worked.

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