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The End of A Phone Number


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The End of A Phone Number

Today marks the end of a phone number.

When I moved to Manhattan, KS....I couldn't get a local number for my Vonage account (nor my Lingo account). I opted to cancel my Lingo account, I had mainly been using that to make calls to the UK (part of the 500 minutes a month I got) and for faxing. But, I didn't set up my fax machine after I moved and my cousin no longer lives in the UK.

But, I kept the Vonage account because it works pretty good (better than the VoIP account that does have a Manhattan, KS local number) and I still make calls to Canada regularly. The problem is I get many telemarketing calls to the number, even though its on the DNC. And, worse I still get lots of calls from headhunters....even though I had changed the voicemail greeting to even tell them to stop calling me. Of course, they don't care that leaving me a message is also costing me money....since I got the voice-to-text service. And, the job search ended over 18 months ago!

Wonder what my parents will think that my new number is in the Oxnard, CA local calling area? &#59;D

I had intended to do this on December 25th, before calling my mom to wish her happy birthday. But, before I could complete the process she called me. And, then forgot all about it. But decided that I wanted to have it done before I call her tomorrow night :P

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