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Third Times the Charm


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Third Times the Charm

Link: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?Sku=T13-1068

Well, powering up after the move...one had a loud noise. Concluded that a fan had gone bad...there were two fans in the enclosure. And, other drives that I have in external enclosures get by with one fan. So, I clipped the lead to the bad fan and ignored it for the time being.

A couple of months ago, the drive started getting loud again. I figured the other fan had gone, so I started looking to replace it. But, wanting a different/better one...meant that I would replace both.

Good thing, because the source of the noise was the other enclosure...and its fans were both shot. Because when did the swap...one drive was hot enough that I had to suppress the urge to drop it like a hot potato. The other drive, I found was in the enclosure that I had clipped one fan, wasn't this hot.

Anyways, back to why I called this post "Third Time...."

After doing more searches...I found a different external enclosure that was directly AC powered (they've all been 5.25" variety) This time around I went with a nice aluminum box that would help with heat. Oh yeah, this time around I went with just USB, save some money &#59;)

Well, a problem came up...it was a 5.25" only enclosure. No mounts for a 3.5" harddrive. And, nobody seems to sell brackets for mounting 3.5" drives into a 5.25" bay anymore. The kind that include a front bezel, because the enclosure didn't have a front either.

So, I settled on picking up a pair of mobile racks, also nice aluminum ones...to keep with the cooling.

Well, the things are too long to fit into the enclosure. >:XX

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