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WiRNS is dead, long live WiRNS.


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WiRNS is dead, long live WiRNS.

After a while, I decided to try building on my other computer (Windows XP)....it worked over there...so I put the boolean flag back in and I was back to the next obstacle. :yes:

By now, I found myself competing with boxes that wanted to record shows, while I wanted to change line ups etc. :oops:

I found one box, one that normally passes through to DNNA for guide data...I noticed that I could only see the lineups that I had selected. in WiRNS. Okay....didn't really need the others anyways. Tried it, and then tried my Replay Zones against the data. No go. Reconfigured back to pass through to DNNA....Zones work again. Guess I have to use real DNNA data, and not data processed through WiRNS for these boxes.

Some more pain in editing the ReplayTVs in WiRNS. :?

Then I got to the box that I do OTA HDTV....well antenna doesn't show up as satellite anymore angry Guess, I have to use DirecTV....wasn't this why I started running WiRNS in the first place. Well, decided to check out Remap to remove channels. This looks promising. B-)

Except that it took forever to draw the page...and then even longer to 'Update'. But, then it started recording something....so I went off to update other boxes. Not to mention that it was very tedious to click each check box to unselect all but one channel from the DirecTV lineup. It was also tedious doing similar unselections on from the Cox digital cable lineup. :yawn:

Then I got a crack at the box that has my digital cable box. But, nothing showed up for lineups for the digital cable box. More looking at the code...I found that the code I had contributed back in 2004 to make digital cable lineups to appear had also been removed. :##

So, I rebuilt the appropriate plugin and got that going again.... It worked for about 3 minutes...then the ReplayTV crashed and got stuck at "Please Wait" Finally I yanked the cord on it and move on to my other units. >:XX

With the OTA HDTV box freed up, I went to work some magic on it...and that seemed okay. Though the one OTA station that I can (normally) get, seems to not be coming in very well right now....though it had been flaky for some time (storm damage? summer atmospheric propagation effects?) Not a big deal, there hasn't been anything this summer to record from it. And, someday soon (perhaps when Leopard drops) I buy that Mac Mini I kept talking about and finally use the Mac HD Tuner I had gotten (a over 2 years ago) for this cause...and build my own HD DVR. Wonder what the software uses for guide data....

My ReplayTV on digital cable seems to have come back up....though I hope they problems I've been having....aren't a sign that the drive is going. What works these days in 300G+?

That leaves one last ReplayTV....which I seem to have wedged....both lights on, but no response. But, it is/was recording....though its only "The 4400"....I'm so far behind (a couple of seasons), that maybe I just don't care to catch up ... oh wait, I can get somebody to send me the show. Guess I'll reboot it and update the last unit and be fully converted....

Hopefully, I won't get too many distractions from the HOT phone over night and I'll be rested before I go interview.... Off to finish and catch some Z's :zz:

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