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  10:05:35 am, by The Dreamer   , 202 words  
Categories: TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, Storage

MyDVR Expander is here.

I checked the TiVo HD, and it was only recording a suggestion (that I wasn't interested in). So I canceled it.

I then setup the external drive. Found a spot on the UPS to plug in the odd shaped wart that prevented me to plugging it into my power strip. :? And found a spot where the tall drive would fit on my stand (couldn't find any answer on whether it would work in a horizontal orientation)....silly drive...its not a book. The 500GB My Book cheaper (and the local computer store had some).

I then pulled the plug on the TiVo HD. Hooked up the eSATA cable. And, powered up the TiVo again.

It came up...but didn't seem to see the storage. After surfing the menus a bit, I remembered that there was a selection in the settings menu for external devices. So, I went there and set up the drive. It rebooted again and did the setup....

Now I can have up to 86 hours of HD.

This time coming out, I got a message saying that it finally detected storage and asked if I wanted to set it up (again). I deleted the message, and headed into work. :wave:


  05:23:34 pm, by The Dreamer   , 731 words  
Categories: Software

Today might be a good day to upgrade to Money Plus Deluxe....NOT!

Now that my taxes are behind me (though the debit of cash by the federal and state government hasn't happened yet)....I thought that today might be a good day to finally upgrade to Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe.

It wasn't.

I wasn't sure how to proceed, do I need to uninstall the old version first. Could not uninstall it....after trying to find the answer online. I gave up and launched the installation.

It detected the old version and wanted to remove it. I decided to let it do so, and it then installed.

Starting it for the first time, it wanted to update...only it would download and then beep. After that all subsequent would also want to update, but it would say that update is already in progress and to wait....and wait....and wait.

I tried rebooting

Tried new google searches

I checked permissions

More reboots.

Tried saying no first, activating and upgrading my old MS Money 2006 Deluxe file first. First least they kept the same look at feel, but man it is using all my CPU and took 15 minutes before I finally got my home page.

Tried Safe Mode with Networking.

I tried a different google search...found something about DEP. Tried adding exceptions and tried again. Still no go. Read some more, turned out to add exceptions I was turning up my DEP setting.

Still no luck. I then peeked into the MNYCore.NEW.* folder....saw a, unpacked and tried having it use that. No luck.

Then I took the big one...I copied all the files from MNYCore.NEW.* over to MNYCore....and tried daupdate.exe again. This time the update said it had completed successfully. This time Money Plus did start without prompting for an update. But, it is now consuming all my CPU and I'm still waiting to see the home page, or any sign of won't even come back into the foreground.

The problem that makes this worse, is that the Microsoft Money 2006 CD went missing when I moved I can't easily go back >:XX

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  10:36:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 136 words  
Categories: Networking, WiFi, Storage

Another try of the HD-PLC

I fiddled with it a bit more...even with both the master and terminal in the livingroom....I couldn't get the terminal to work from either of the jacks by the computer....and further away...the speed test was poor.

Come to think of it, I use powerline speakers for my rear least they work...though that might be why I can't get powerline networking to function. There might be other powerline network technologies that will co-exist, but the speakers are more important and wireless is acceptable.

Plus I already see myself getting better units down the road. Wonder where I would put them, and if it would be 'bad' if I had DROBO's on both....other than a serious lack of cash for all the tech stuff I want to get this year.


  07:33:36 pm, by The Dreamer   , 150 words  
Categories: Networking, WiFi



Guess I'll have look at some other solution for home network.....perhaps I'll buy WireTracks for the living room....

Anyways...I when I first tried to set it up...I couldn't get link in the storage room. Turns out the plug tab is broken for that cable in the network closet, so it wasn't in all the way. Next I got things set up...and when I put the terminal by the living room computer....I couldn't get it to work there.

Seems there's too much interference in the living room for it to cope with. While going around trying plugs, I unplugged some stuff...which seemed to help a little bit, but not enough. And, I couldn't go without what I had unplugged.

So, for the time being, I'm staying with the current WDS bridging. Wonder if I got a pair of Airport Extreme's...if they would do bridging? :??:


  12:36:31 am, by The Dreamer   , 121 words  
Categories: TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, Storage

My DVR Expander Ordered

I was debating whether to buy the My DVR Expander from TiVo or Best Buy.

For some reason I thought there was an advantage to getting it from TiVo....perhaps I had some vague recollection of reading that Best Buy's price was higher. But, I saw that it was the same price. And, there's the iGive factor &#59;D

As I was looking at my shopping cart for my checkout options, it occurred to me that I should've gotten RewardZone certificates. Apparently you have to check the site regularly to see when they are automatically issued to you, but they had apparently issued $35 worth of certificates to me on February 25th.

So, I went and completed the order using all the certificates.


  07:34:14 pm, by The Dreamer   , 171 words  
Categories: Stuff, iPod, Travel, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite, Storage

No Archos 605 WiFi

Because I've been doing too much stuff with my TiVo HD DVR at the moment, I've decided to put off the purchase the Archos 605 WiFi. Instead I'm likely to purchase the MyDVR Expander for the TiVo.

There are rumors of the Archos 606 coming out later this year, while the details of what it'll do and look like are sketchy....the consensus is that Archos is going to have regular releases of new products (which kind of fits with most consumer electronics companies &#59;D ) And, since it has been a major struggle of choosing between the Archos 605 WiFi or an iPod would hope that the next version of the Archos will make the decision easier. :?

Plus the thinking to push ahead with the 605 at this point was based on wanting to have it before I go on my next trip (Penguicon).

So, quick cut to my netmap for April 2008....

And, now off to figure out where other gadgety goodness falls in my budget. Like moving up my next ThinkGeek order.

  08:50:26 am, by The Dreamer   , 307 words  
Categories: Software, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

TiVo Desktop Plus

I'm hurting my Internet connection! 88|

Last night I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus, to gain access to hopefully more TiVoCasts....

It didn't go well. After I got my license key, I tried to apply it to TiVo Desktop wouldn't take, said something about missing component. So, I downloaded required that I uninstall the old version first. XX(

Then, it kept saying the key was invalid. :##

I was looking around trying to figure out how to contact sales and get them to give me a working key...when I decided to poke around in registry. I found that it had decided that I my account (even though I'm Administrator of my own box) shouldn't have permission to HKLM/SOFTWARE/TiVo, granting myself permission to this branch....made it take the key and start working.... &#59;)

Now to see what additional stuff I can get....well, I was specifically looking for current GeekBrief.TV feed....instead of the delayed feed via TiVo. Didn't see how I would add feeds to it....seems it just makes additional ones available on my TiVo HD.

Searching around on Google, there was mention of RSS and TiVo Desktop Plus...but I didn't find any such option. Though another blog described adding using iTunes to subscribe to (video) podcasts, and adding the appropriate iTunes folder to TiVo Desktop Plus. I used this approach. I downloaded the most recent episode and it transferred it to my TiVo HD. I haven't watched yet (and not sure when I'll get to it tonight...or if it'll have to be later this week). But, it seemed satisfactory. :>>

So, I went to iTunes and clicked the "Get All" button...and now I'm hurting my broadband connection. :lalala:

Now I wonder if there's a way to tap other the DearCali one.... :?:


  03:32:22 pm, by The Dreamer   , 574 words  
Categories: Home Theatre, Networking, WiFi, Storage

Updated my ugly NetMap

Link: isn't April 2008 yet.

Well, there's one item on the map, that I haven't purchased yet. But, I intend to order it tomorrow...and I do hope it arrives before the end of the month....but decided the put a future date to indicate that it contains future stuff. &#59;D

It also contains that I'm dropping the WDS bridge for Powerline networking (HD-PLC), that has been just hasn't arrived yet. Originally, there was some question of finding an open outlet behind my home theater setup to plug it in. But, then it occurred to me that the adapter could go anywhere on my wired network...since I had made that upgrade....and there's the jack in the storage room that I haven't acquired stuff to put around yet.

There's a plan to do so, but I need to go through the stuff in there to figure out what to get rid of to make space for using it for more than storage. One is to acquire a network laser printer (ideally with color and duplex capabilities, maybe copier)....and locate it here where (rather than next to one of my computers, due to concern on whether I have enough power at those locations U-( ) I'm also wondering if I really need all the features, to maximize the number of other gadgets I also want to acquire....

Meanwhile, I'm already plotting my next addition....Been thinking of getting a TimeCapsule, but now Apple has released the patch to allow Time Machine to storage attached to an Airport I'm thinking that I'll do this, and get a Drobo to attach to it (assuming the pairing will work). Of course, it could be a while before I get around to having all the pieces.

Possibly like the 500GB SATA drive I purchased a while year before I found something to stick it in to.... :crazy: Sadly that was the mirror drive in my Linux server (Orac) that failed recently. I should maybe see about getting Seagate to replace it.... Even though I don't need it for the Linux server now (though I am considering buying an enclosure for mount 4 more drives outside of it....possibly more, since there's 4 regular eSATA ports and 2 PM-capable eSATA ports on the back. Though waiting for a version of Linux that'll hopefully support PM.)

Also looking at USB over ethernet, since I'm running out of space for USB peripherals at my main desk.... This this spot also cries out for the acquisition of a Drobo....since I pretty much to disk-to-disk backup now (since I had long ago past the point of reasonable tape backup [to DLT7000's] of my system, and it seems less and less likely that I'll be buying a new tape drive [LTO1] now). I'm sure if I think some more (oops I did), I can think of other places around here that cry out for additional Drobo's. Wonder if there's a limit to using the GeekBrief.TV discount code.... Though Drobo isn't the only think on the market that might solve my needs, but it is one of the cool looking things. Though it is only a USB storage device....there's an ethernet option for it, but it isn't a native ethernet that sounds like it would be slower than some other sort of NAS product. many little time, money, space, power, etc... :lalala:


  12:40:04 pm, by The Dreamer   , 257 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, Cable HD DVR, Computer, Networking, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

TiVo HD CableCARD Update & Downloads

Well, now that things seem to be working, I was making use of the TiVo HD last the point where I didn't check any of my other recorders for content last night....

There's quite a bit of channels that I got on the Cox HD DVR, that I don't see via CableCARD....don't know if that's because Cox isn't making them all available to CableCARD subscribers or because they aren't in the lineup data from TiVo. TiVo lineup isn't very complete...there are channels it knows about, but has no program info I can't schedule anything from those channels. And, there's other channels that are just missing. I had submitted the missing channel form for Fox HD, along with a link to the local lineup hopefully TiVo will eventually get around to having things right.

Meanwhile, I started looking at the TiVoCasts....some of them are pretty interesting, I've downloaded just a few of them, and set up season passes to keep them coming. Checking my cacti monitor, I see that I've already downloaded >10GB of data in the last week. Wow. Probably the most downloading I've done....even more than when I set up my last new computer. Though that's probably because it wasn't a Windows computer.

Someday I'll get a new Windows computer.....only because my current one is starting to fail (had originally intended to replace it a couple of years ago, when it was 3....) And, want to get one before I can't get Windows XP anymore. &#59;D


  09:08:44 pm, by The Dreamer   , 422 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

I got CableCARDs ... working

Well, I got to a point where it said it was going to take a long time to update. So, after waiting a while....I decided to go in to work.

When, I got home, it was still finishing its connection. It was the the slow count up of "Loading". It was at 40%. After about half an neared 50%....but while I was checking what channels I was getting (and ignoring the messages that it had no program info...) it rebooted on me.

It wanted guided setup again (but I ignored it)....afterwards, live TV was funny. Sometimes I would get ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, TNTHD, UHD, etc....but most of the time I didn't. So, I tried guided setup again. It kind of worked, but mostly didn't....hopping around the setting some more and few more unexpected reboots, some successful and some failed net connects. I once again was asked to do guided I did.

Finally, I poked around in the CableCARD menus....found that CableCARD 1 was working for everything, but CableCARD 2 was having issues. I contemplated calling the Cox installer to see if he could help, but opted to try another guided setup, but tried to see if instead of confirming 23 as QVC what it would ask and see if I saw it. But, it would ask if 24 was X, then 25 was Y, then 26 was Z....they all were, so I stopped there. Would take to long to see if it would tune digital channels.

The gist was CableCARD 1 was getting all my digital channels (SD and HD)...while CableCARD 2 seemed only able to get broadcast HD. So, I gave the Cox installer a call. He said he would call somebody and then call me back. While staring at a black screen of something I should be getting (what happens when CableCARD 2 is selected...) It jumped...flashed an error screen....and then seemed to work. Though I found that CableCARD 2 now reported that it had no channels, and CableCARD 1 was doing all the work.

I got the call back, he said he had them do a reset/refresh for that card and asked if it was working. I described what I was seen and that it was currently saying no channels available for CableCARD 2. Said it would take some time and that he would call back in 5 minutes.

Soon started working, and I had everything. When he called back, I told him that it was now working.

Now to start scheduling stuff to record on it.....

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