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I got CableCARDs ... working

Well, I got to a point where it said it was going to take a long time to update. So, after waiting a while....I decided to go in to work.

When, I got home, it was still finishing its connection. It was the the slow count up of "Loading". It was at 40%. After about half an neared 50%....but while I was checking what channels I was getting (and ignoring the messages that it had no program info...) it rebooted on me.

It wanted guided setup again (but I ignored it)....afterwards, live TV was funny. Sometimes I would get ESPNHD, ESPN2HD, TNTHD, UHD, etc....but most of the time I didn't. So, I tried guided setup again. It kind of worked, but mostly didn't....hopping around the setting some more and few more unexpected reboots, some successful and some failed net connects. I once again was asked to do guided I did.

Finally, I poked around in the CableCARD menus....found that CableCARD 1 was working for everything, but CableCARD 2 was having issues. I contemplated calling the Cox installer to see if he could help, but opted to try another guided setup, but tried to see if instead of confirming 23 as QVC what it would ask and see if I saw it. But, it would ask if 24 was X, then 25 was Y, then 26 was Z....they all were, so I stopped there. Would take to long to see if it would tune digital channels.

The gist was CableCARD 1 was getting all my digital channels (SD and HD)...while CableCARD 2 seemed only able to get broadcast HD. So, I gave the Cox installer a call. He said he would call somebody and then call me back. While staring at a black screen of something I should be getting (what happens when CableCARD 2 is selected...) It jumped...flashed an error screen....and then seemed to work. Though I found that CableCARD 2 now reported that it had no channels, and CableCARD 1 was doing all the work.

I got the call back, he said he had them do a reset/refresh for that card and asked if it was working. I described what I was seen and that it was currently saying no channels available for CableCARD 2. Said it would take some time and that he would call back in 5 minutes.

Soon started working, and I had everything. When he called back, I told him that it was now working.

Now to start scheduling stuff to record on it.....

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I got CableCARDs

The process got off to a rough start...the installer put card 1 in and then put card 2 in, and called to do the pairing. During the call he was instructed to remove cards and then do them one at a time.

That seemed to go somewhat better.

He didn't want to go through guided setup, just wanted to see live TV to confirm that things were working. But, it stayed at Acquiring Channel Info, forever. A quick call, seems he would have to do it, if he wanted to see channels.

So, we did the guided setup.

Still no channels. He decided that everything was done on their end, that it must be TiVo that is preventing he left his number, and said to call if there were any problems on their end.

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Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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