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No Archos 605 WiFi

Because I've been doing too much stuff with my TiVo HD DVR at the moment, I've decided to put off the purchase the Archos 605 WiFi. Instead I'm likely to purchase the MyDVR Expander for the TiVo.

There are rumors of the Archos 606 coming out later this year, while the details of what it'll do and look like are sketchy....the consensus is that Archos is going to have regular releases of new products (which kind of fits with most consumer electronics companies &#59;D ) And, since it has been a major struggle of choosing between the Archos 605 WiFi or an iPod would hope that the next version of the Archos will make the decision easier. :?

Plus the thinking to push ahead with the 605 at this point was based on wanting to have it before I go on my next trip (Penguicon).

So, quick cut to my netmap for April 2008....

And, now off to figure out where other gadgety goodness falls in my budget. Like moving up my next ThinkGeek order.

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TiVo Desktop Plus

I'm hurting my Internet connection! 88|

Last night I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus, to gain access to hopefully more TiVoCasts....

It didn't go well. After I got my license key, I tried to apply it to TiVo Desktop wouldn't take, said something about missing component. So, I downloaded required that I uninstall the old version first. XX(

Then, it kept saying the key was invalid. :##

I was looking around trying to figure out how to contact sales and get them to give me a working key...when I decided to poke around in registry. I found that it had decided that I my account (even though I'm Administrator of my own box) shouldn't have permission to HKLM/SOFTWARE/TiVo, granting myself permission to this branch....made it take the key and start working.... &#59;)

Now to see what additional stuff I can get....well, I was specifically looking for current GeekBrief.TV feed....instead of the delayed feed via TiVo. Didn't see how I would add feeds to it....seems it just makes additional ones available on my TiVo HD.

Searching around on Google, there was mention of RSS and TiVo Desktop Plus...but I didn't find any such option. Though another blog described adding using iTunes to subscribe to (video) podcasts, and adding the appropriate iTunes folder to TiVo Desktop Plus. I used this approach. I downloaded the most recent episode and it transferred it to my TiVo HD. I haven't watched yet (and not sure when I'll get to it tonight...or if it'll have to be later this week). But, it seemed satisfactory. :>>

So, I went to iTunes and clicked the "Get All" button...and now I'm hurting my broadband connection. :lalala:

Now I wonder if there's a way to tap other the DearCali one.... :?:

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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