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  07:02:31 pm, by The Dreamer   , 56 words  
Categories: DVDs / NetFlix, AT&T DSL

I may have jumped the gun....

....but I've already assigned/reserved an IP (in DNS & DHCP) for my NetFlix player and updated the QoS rules on my router to give this IP a boost in priority.

I will very likely place the order later this month...but I probably won't pull the trigger on ordering faster DSL service until next month.

  02:17:29 pm, by The Dreamer   , 172 words  
Categories: Hardware, Software, Networking

Dell netbook coming in August, sans Function Keys


Dell is pushing too little and too late.

Since seeing the power of the ASUS Eee Pc, I've been thinking of getting such a device. Though I wasn't sure if I could handle the sacrifice of hardware to get small, light and low cost. Then others started coming into the scene....such as the HP Mini Note. And, things started looking up that something suitable would be offered.

I then heard rumors of Dell coming out with something in June. And, since there are Dell's that can be had with Ubuntu...this seemed like it might be a good thing to wait for.

But, now they are saying August....I don't think I can wait that long. (too late). And, its not going to have function keys. Well, that's a sacrifice in hardware that I don't see myself accepting. (too little).

Guess I'll take a look over what is available now and pick the one that I'll have live with for the next 5-6 years (that's how old my previous laptop is).

  07:27:15 am, by The Dreamer   , 95 words  
Categories: Appliances

Oh no...I've ruined my coffee maker

Last night I was loading the dishwashwer....and popped in the brew basket and brew cup of my Cuisinart SS-1. The manual says these items are top rack safe, and that's where I put them.

The brew cup came out fine.

But, the brew basket turned black....and the black transfers to anything it touches. >:-(

Wonder if I can buy just the brew basket somewhere (online)? :**:

Wonder if the new "Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs w/Bleach Hydroclean Action" that I'm using for the first time...instead of my normal "Cascade 2in1 ActionPacs in Citrus Breeze". :??:

Now instead of subjecting some poor random forum to a long rambling thought, I will try to consolidate those things into this blog where they can be more easily ignored profess to be collected thoughts from my mind.

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