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  01:26:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 453 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer, Networking, WiFi, Other Linux

Should've held out for the ASUS Eee PC 1000

I'm starting to think now that I should've held out for the ASUS Eee PC 1000. I'm finding the 901 a bit too cramped in physical size and storage.

I had thought of blowing off the Xandros and doing Ubuntu, which would probably help with space by not having all the stuff that is bundled. But, I opted to stay with the Easy Mode/Xandros. Largely because I'm looking for the device to just work.

I did restore it a couple of times to factory settings, because I took a blind turn playing around with apt-get and ended filling up the root drive and making a general mess of things.

Though I do have an issue with its seems to take forever to reconnect to wireless after coming out of standby, and, then more often than not, it then can't connect anywhere. Even though all the settings are right. Have to stop and restart the wireless to make it go.

It'll be a few days...maybe a couple of weeks before I get it all customized to fit the way I want to use it. Partly because I know what I want to use it for, I just don't know completely how to get there.

Compounded by the fact that it is replacing my previous laptop which is dead, and I left my work laptop at work this weekend (and I don't know what next weekend holds). But, I'm not desperate enough to keep moving forward on getting the Eee PC customized to go into work to fetch my work laptop.

But, I have did already crack open the unit. I upgraded its memory to 2GB. Only hitch was getting the new DIMM to fully seat. I have a slot loading USB External DVD burner on order for it...could be a while, its coming from a Hong Kong based eBay seller. That reminds me...I have something else coming from Hong Kong that I'm waiting for.

I'll probably even be on to my other gadget projects before I come back to fiddling with the Eee PC some more. Basically, I had wanted it before classes started, but now that classes may be a while before I can get to it. And, I'm sure by then...the 1000 would've been attainable. The extra 4GB (to 8GB) of the primary drive would've surely made a huge difference on how customized I could go with my stuff. And, I'm sure the extra space of the secondary drive (16GB to 32GB) would've gotten used for something.

Even though the plan is to avoid storing anything long term on the device. Though I'll probably still want some kind of backup plan for it...because it'll be a pain to lose things once its customized.


  08:19:03 pm, by The Dreamer   , 10 words  
Categories: General

What up with FedEx?

I stayed home all day from work for this? >:XX


  10:27:05 am, by The Dreamer   , 204 words  
Categories: Digital Photography

A digital camera has bitten it.

I decided to dust off my Konica-Minolta Dimage X20....for use. Surprised it powered up when I turned it on...though I did have Lithium AA batteries in it. But, no picture. I tried replacing the Lithium AA batteries with a new pair. No help.

It was a refurbished unit, and apparently this is the common problem that lead to warranty work being done on these.

I poked around to see if it was something obvious mechanical, or whether there was a reset option. But, no luck.

Not sure what I'm going to do about it. They don't make cameras quite like this anymore....all that are like it, use proprietary rechargeable batteries.

Later I went deeper opened it up....still nothing obvious to try...and then I found the flash capacitor terminals and got a nasty jolt. XX( Started putting it back together...only to do it again.... >:XX Since it was basically a write-off, I just tossed it un-reassembled. First I discharged the made quite a loud snap.

Probably doesn't alter my digital camera upgrade plans and'd be another story if it was my main digital camera (the one I carry everywhere, but seldom remember to use...) )-o


  07:46:32 am, by The Dreamer   , 576 words  
Categories: Digital Photography, Hardware, Computer, Wireless/iPhone, Amateur Radio

I pulled the trigger on a netbook today

I went with an ASUS Eee PC 901 20G, in Pearl White. I ordered from, which was advertising an after-rebate ($50) price of $526.99. I also had received last week an 8% off coupon, because it had been a long time since I had ordered from Evidently, 03/22/2006 was the date of my last order....which was for a 512MB memory upgrade for my former notebook computer.

Turns out the 8% off coupon has a maximum discount value of $20 off. So, that brought the pre-rebate price of the Eee PC 901 to $556.99. I opted for free it might be a while before it arrives.

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  01:07:03 pm, by The Dreamer   , 169 words  
Categories: Stuff

HC1228W for sale?

I guess I have a pair of HC1228W's for sale. I bought these earlier this year to replace the batteries in my Cyberpowersystems Power2000/1500VA CP1500 UPS. The UPS was having issues, so I tried replacing the batteries. It didn't solve the problem, the issues didn't match the symptoms of needing batteries replaced....but I tried it anyways. I suspect the UPS got damaged when I moved here to Manhattan, KS.

It was one of the UPSs that I didn't have its original box for still. It was also at the time my oldest UPS in use.

This thing originally took HC1225W's...but that battery model is now obsolete, and the HC1228W is the compatible replacement. However it is a special order item, it in fact doesn't show up anymore on my usual source.

So, I special ordered a pair of HC1228W's and now have no use for them. Only I don't know if I want bother trying to sell them on eBay or something. :**:

  12:09:00 pm, by The Dreamer   , 303 words  
Categories: Hardware, Computer

Batteries for Belkin F6C1500-TW-RK

Yesterday morning, I woke to find a dialog on the screen of my computer. It was asking me if I had replaced the batteries in my UPS, so it can reset the replacement date.

That's a subtle way of telling me I need new batteries. I had previously emailed Belkin about getting replacement batteries for it. They said since it had been less than 2 years since its introduction, there was no need for anybody to buy replacement batteries (since any need to replace batteries would be done as a warranty exchange) they wouldn't tell me what kind of batteries to keep on hand for it. That meant that no getting more of these units for work.

I did a quick 10-second test on the UPS, and immediately the battery capacity gauge dropped to under 50%.... It also popped back up to 100% almost immediately. Not sure how old the UPS is now...but I'm sure it is over the 2 year mark.

After googling around for a while...I found a site that in the UK that was selling replacement batteries for this UPS. It reported that it was a pair of GP1272F2. Now googling around for this model battery, I found a hit on my usual source for UPS batteries....'s number is SLA-12V7-F2. Checking my notes, I recalled that the SLA-12V9-F2 is physically the same size as this battery, but with a 9Ah rating instead of 7.2Ah....and it is the one that I've been using successfully in other UPSs that used the SLA-12V7-F2.

So, I ordered another pair of SLA-12V9-F2's....

Wonder if I can replace the batteries in the UPS hot :??:

Wonder if I should figure out what batteries the two other UPSs, that I don't yet know, use :??:


  09:09:59 am, by The Dreamer   , 789 words  
Categories: Home

Canceled my Allstate Renters Policy

Yesterday I got a demand payment for a Renters Policy with Allstate. Except I became a homeowner back on June 29th, 2007.

I had thought it odd that I never heard from Allstate on the conversion of Renters Policy to Condo Owner. And, when I went to the Allstate site to find the customer care also seemed odd that they still had my Ohio contact information. I was positive that I had updated it. Later I found an email that confirmed that I had made the request...sent to the new email address that I had specified when making the request, rather than the one that still listed as my contact info.

I called Allstate....after shuffling around a bit, they reported that they couldn't locate record of my policy and later said it was due to a system wide outage of their computer systems. And, assured me several times that they would call me back later that night.

I sat patiently by the phone all evening, and finally gave up waiting at 11pm and went to bed.

This morning I was about call again....but decided to try calling a local agent (the person that I thought was my agent had ceased to be running the local agency sometime after I had requested this conversion and the update of my contact information).

In conversation, I learned it was partly my fault that I had gotten to this. Apparently, I had paid the renewal of my renters policy in July of last year. I probably assumed that all was right [it was significantly higher than what I had previously paid in Renter's Insurance], and since I didn't hear any issues with insurance when I did the I just paid it. Actually, knowing me....I probably filed the paper somewhere and just paid it online (records show the charge went to my Discover card)....I actually put in my memo field that it was for homeowner's insurance (rather than renter's insurance).

I had been an Allstate customer since 1990 (when I first moved out)...and they showed me as an Allstate customer since 1998 (when I moved to the US)....and most recently since 2006 when I moved to Manhattan, KS.

Anyways....they wanted paperwork (which I have, but it would take time to locate since I use the fill-a-box filing method)...of the closing so they could backdate the cancellation. Plus they would want me to visit wherever their office is. I suppose that was probably a problem in my Allstate relationship.

In the whole time that I've been living in the US, I have never set foot in an Allstate office...and have never met face to face with any of my Allstate agents. Unlike in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where my relationship began....

Anyways...they said alternatively they could set that policy canceled on July 28th, 2008...which was the anniversary of the policy. I said that would be fine. I wasn't after getting my premium back, just that I wasn't going to pay any additional premium for something that I don't need.

Not sure how the date became the anniversary....but, it seemed to do with when the policy was finally updated to reflect that I had moved to Manhattan, KS on July 1st, 2006.

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  04:30:39 pm, by The Dreamer   , 220 words  
Categories: Amateur Radio

Denpa MZ-22 Also Fail

Turns out the design of the Denpa MZ-22 is just as bad, or rather it is even worse.

The head was hard to get to...while less prying, there were more screws. Also the cable web inside the head prevents access to the solder points for the battery.

Worse the battery is upside down, so I won't know what kind of battery until I remove it.

It crossed my mind that perhaps I'd find out how much it would cost to send off two radios to get batteries replaced, etc. But, as I was putting it back together, I wondered about the funny scorch marks on the underside of the lid.

Apparently I burned out some transistors on the board years ago when it was my packet radio....not sure if worked the last time I used it might be fried. My fuzzy recollection was that I had some kind of issue with it, which caused me to go back to using my HT for packet. So, that's probably why I was having issues with it.

I wonder if new radios are better or worse with this. I suppose the fact that virtually all mobiles these days have removable/remoteable heads might lead to easier to replace batteries.

Just not sure when I'll get a mobile rig now.

  03:12:11 pm, by The Dreamer   , 661 words  
Categories: Amateur Radio

Yaesu FT8000R Design Failure

Some time in 1997, I acquired the Yaesu FT8000R dual band mobile radio. I hardly used it, mostly just listened the local repeaters and the ambulance channel probably. There was probably only one or two public service events where I actually got to talk on it.

But, then I totaled the car in November 1997. And, I barely got the radio out when I went to visit the car in the salvage yard.

I moved away from Medicine Hat and boxed up all things Amateur Radio and moved. I left most of the big stuff (antennas) at my parents place, when I later moved down to the US. And, I already talked about that story.

Now that I'm back doing Amateur Radio stuff. I've been slowly going through boxes digging it out. There might be the opportunity for some public service work, though that wasn't what led to me digging for the FT8000R.

There's the upcoming 10th anniversary of the K-Link system coming up, and the local K-Link repeater requires tone access. Also, I apparently it is located somewhere that I can't work using my HT at home.

So, I got to thinking that I should have a base 2m (at least) radio. Of which I should have two in my collection somewhere. Since, I need tone....that meant looking for the Yaesu, because the ICOM clone doesn't do tone or much was cheap from a hamfest, and being sold as a packet radio because it lacked things like a microphone. Which is fine, because I was getting tired of heating up my HT for packet radio....

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  12:15:42 pm, by The Dreamer   , 146 words  
Categories: Time Warner/Cox Cable, TiVo HD / Premiere / Elite

I got another pair!

As in Cablecards from Cox. :>>

This time around things went much better, despite a small hiccup during the process.

This time the installer seemed to know his way around a TiVo. He put the first card in by itself first (instead of popping both in right away....) That card eventually paired up and all seemed good.

He then put the second card in. That card seemed to have issues though. It wasn't giving any channels. He went back to the office to get another card. That card worked. He then went through the whole long "Repeat Guided Setup"....and I did a quick thumb through the HD channels....checked the high HD channels, and they were there. Swapped tuners to make sure both could see them.

All seems to be good. Now to push it to get guide data and give me the Olympics TiVo Guide....


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