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A digital camera has bitten it.


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A digital camera has bitten it.

I decided to dust off my Konica-Minolta Dimage X20....for use. Surprised it powered up when I turned it on...though I did have Lithium AA batteries in it. But, no picture. I tried replacing the Lithium AA batteries with a new pair. No help.

It was a refurbished unit, and apparently this is the common problem that lead to warranty work being done on these.

I poked around to see if it was something obvious mechanical, or whether there was a reset option. But, no luck.

Not sure what I'm going to do about it. They don't make cameras quite like this anymore....all that are like it, use proprietary rechargeable batteries.

Later I went deeper opened it up....still nothing obvious to try...and then I found the flash capacitor terminals and got a nasty jolt. XX( Started putting it back together...only to do it again.... >:XX Since it was basically a write-off, I just tossed it un-reassembled. First I discharged the capacitor....it made quite a loud snap.

Probably doesn't alter my digital camera upgrade plans and dreams....it'd be another story if it was my main digital camera (the one I carry everywhere, but seldom remember to use...) )-o

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