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Boca Java FAIL! Desperately seeking new coffee club.


  12:23:32 pm, by The Dreamer   , 390 words  
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Boca Java FAIL! Desperately seeking new coffee club.

Several years ago, I tried out Boca Java for regular coffee deliveries. I think I've tried just about every coffee they offer, and I have a few that I like.... Though they didn't offer Jamaican Blue Mountain as a regular option, and I missed it the most recent time. (which I think is when this all started) Though they do have Hawaiian Kona.

They used to be pretty good. You set up the date and interval for delivery dates, and they shipped your selections by that date (they used to strive to get it so the UPS delivery date was that date).

Now you're lucky if they get around to roasting and grinding your order on the 'delivery' date.

A couple months ago they flashed up their account management section of the site. And, made it broke. I have been unable to change delivery information on my account (that's both address and date/interval, the manage selections barely works...they seem to have taken away the option to order extra items and include it with the club shipment as well).

I had considered having them deliver to the office, though I haven't heard when it'll be my turn to buy coffee for the office again....the last time I did, Amazon.com had just started doing groceries....and I then stopped drinking coffee at work sometime after that. But, I think the cut back on coffee has lead to my developing high blood pressure (or at least contributed).

Anyways, because the repeat interval is still based on delivery dates, but since the delivery is late each time....I have now crossed into the state where the number of days that I'm out of coffee has been steadily increasing. And now that I have the new coffee maker....I've stopped skimping on coffee usage when I near the end of my supply.

My delivery date was June 16th (and I was out the week before, so that should've helped.) But UPS tracking says I'm going to be without coffee until June 26th. :##

I've been trying to reduce the interval and make my next shipment come earlier...but the stupid site is still broken. >:XX

So maybe it is time to find another site....since I'm not sure I remember how to go back to not having coffee delivered to me. :oops:

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Comment from: The Dreamer [Member]  

I got a response from support on Saturday, so I gave details on what I’ve trying….to prove that it isn’t just a one off for (things like I tried 4 different browsers at home, browsers on other computers at home, browsers on computers at work)…checking that I have latest versions of flash, etc. trying different ISPs…(AT&T DSL and Cox cable at home, and…well, work).

But, then I got the exact same response ‘word for word’….

Guess there’s no weekend support…. I got an email finally that just asked what I wanted to change it to. Well, it would be nicer if they would either fix their site to work, or go back to the site that did work. But, having not found any comparable alternative, yet…I decided to respond with what I was trying to set and leave it at that.

Go from a 8 week schedule with next date of August 14th, to a 7 week schedule with a next date of August 1st.

06/24/08 @ 07:31
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