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Canceled my Allstate Renters Policy


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Canceled my Allstate Renters Policy

Yesterday I got a demand payment for a Renters Policy with Allstate. Except I became a homeowner back on June 29th, 2007.

I had thought it odd that I never heard from Allstate on the conversion of Renters Policy to Condo Owner. And, when I went to the Allstate site to find the customer care number...it also seemed odd that they still had my Ohio contact information. I was positive that I had updated it. Later I found an email that confirmed that I had made the request...sent to the new email address that I had specified when making the request, rather than the one that Allstate.com still listed as my contact info.

I called Allstate....after shuffling around a bit, they reported that they couldn't locate record of my policy and later said it was due to a system wide outage of their computer systems. And, assured me several times that they would call me back later that night.

I sat patiently by the phone all evening, and finally gave up waiting at 11pm and went to bed.

This morning I was about call again....but decided to try calling a local agent (the person that I thought was my agent had ceased to be running the local agency sometime after I had requested this conversion and the update of my contact information).

In conversation, I learned it was partly my fault that I had gotten to this. Apparently, I had paid the renewal of my renters policy in July of last year. I probably assumed that all was right [it was significantly higher than what I had previously paid in Renter's Insurance], and since I didn't hear any issues with insurance when I did the closing...so I just paid it. Actually, knowing me....I probably filed the paper somewhere and just paid it online (records show the charge went to my Discover card)....I actually put in my memo field that it was for homeowner's insurance (rather than renter's insurance).

I had been an Allstate customer since 1990 (when I first moved out)...and they showed me as an Allstate customer since 1998 (when I moved to the US)....and most recently since 2006 when I moved to Manhattan, KS.

Anyways....they wanted paperwork (which I have, but it would take time to locate since I use the fill-a-box filing method)...of the closing so they could backdate the cancellation. Plus they would want me to visit wherever their office is. I suppose that was probably a problem in my Allstate relationship.

In the whole time that I've been living in the US, I have never set foot in an Allstate office...and have never met face to face with any of my Allstate agents. Unlike in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where my relationship began....

Anyways...they said alternatively they could set that policy canceled on July 28th, 2008...which was the anniversary of the policy. I said that would be fine. I wasn't after getting my premium back, just that I wasn't going to pay any additional premium for something that I don't need.

Not sure how the date became the anniversary....but, it seemed to do with when the policy was finally updated to reflect that I had moved to Manhattan, KS on July 1st, 2006.

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